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Release date:

13 July 2021

Improvements 🙌


The full implementation of TfgPageControl was done for iOS.

  • The swiping pages was implemented (iOS).
  • The TfgPageControl.SwipeEnabled property was implemeneted (iOS).
  • All events TfgPageControl.OnPageSelecting, OnPageSelected and OnChanged were implemented (iOS).
  • Now events are not being invoked, when user changes active page by programmatic way (iOS).


The new animation kind was added, which allows to animate control position. The new animator can be created via factory method TfgAnimationManager.CreatePositionAnimation. Unlike the translation animator Translate, this animator works with the local coordinates of the component, allowing you to move the component more conveniently.

Assets manager

Added scrolling assets designer content by mouse wheel.


The notification about changes screen orientation was implemented for iOS. You can observes this notification via TfgApplicationEvents.OnScreenOrietnationChanged event. If you don't want to use this component, you can use broadcast receiving messages via TMessageManager:

  System.Messaging, FGX.Platform;
    procedure(const Sender: TObject; const M: TMessage)
      TfgAssert.IsClass(M, TfgOnScreenOrientationChangedMessage);

      var Message := TfgOnScreenOrientationChangedMessage(M); 
      // Message.OldOrientation
      // Message.NewOrientation


  • The new method ToString was implemented for iOS API types: CGSize, CGPoint, CGRect for convenient printing values.

Bug Fixes 🐛

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    • By Yaroslav Brovin
      Release date:
      18 September 2021
      New ✨
      The new implementation of TfgAutocompleteEdit for iOS was added. In addition, you can now programmatically open and close the drop-down window at your discretion using the new DropDown and Close methods. We also added a new property DropDownSize, which allows you to specify a size of the drop-down window. The new property BorderKind was added for turning off control border TfgSearchEdit
      The new implementation of TfgSearchEdit for iOS was added. The new property BorderKind was added for turning off control border Improvements 🙌 
      FGX Android Log Viewer
      The principle of the quick filter has been changed. It now works on the AND principle. The original phrase is split by the space character into separate words. To be included in the final selection, the log line must contain occurrences of all words. To find the entire part of a phrase containing a space, enclose it in quotation marks. Added the ability to set the minimum log level for the quick filter. Now when you select an application, fast filtering is triggered, rather than restarting the collection of logs for the selected application. Sometimes the color of some elements may not match the theme when the logviewer starts. Sometimes the detailed information about an event might not be displayed when first opened. Now, when the logviewer starts, the last 2K previous events are shown. Optimized getting the list of processes. Renamed log level Verbose->Trace. TfgControl
      The new property TfgControl.RootForm was added for possibility take root form, which doesn't have parent. The LocalToForm method  was fixed. It didn't account scrollable content offset. TfgPath
      The parsing of numbers was improved. Now it supports parsing the following numbers "4.23-1.57l.27.28". Bug Fixes 🐛
      FGX-140 Label with HorzAlign different than Left is not displayed when TextType is HTML (Android). TfgCollectionView didn't fill items, if developer created control in runtime (iOS). The small memory leak were fixed in TfgPopup (iOS). The rendering smooth curve was fixed in TfgSvgPath. Some grey-listed API was removed from  Android API (Android).
    • By Yaroslav Brovin
      Дата релиза:
      18 сентября 2021
      Новое ✨
      Добавлена реализация TfgAutocompleteEdit для iOS. Помимо этого, теперь можно программно открывать и закрыть выпадающее окно на свое усмотрение при помощи новых методов DropDown и Close. Так же мы добавили новое свойство DropDownHeight, позволяющее указать фиксированную высоту выпадающего окна. Добавлено свойство BorderKind для возможности отключения рамки поля ввода. TfgSearchEdit
      Добавлена реализация TfgSearchEdit для iOS. Добавлено свойство BorderKind для возможности отключения рамки поля ввода. Улучшения 🙌 
      FGX Android Log Viewer
      Изменен принцип работы быстрого фильтра. Теперь он работает по принципу AND. Исходная фраза разбивается по символу пробела на отдельные слова. Для попадания в итоговую выборку строка лога должна содержать вхождения всех слов. Чтобы найти часть фразы, содержащую пробел, целиком, заключите её в кавычки. Добавлена возможность задать минимальный уровень лога для быстрого фильтра. Теперь при выборе приложения срабатывает быстрая фильтрация, а не перезапускается сбор логов для выбранного приложения. Иногда цвет некоторых элементов мог не соответствовать актуальной теме при старте средства просмотра логов. Иногда детальная информация о событии могла не отображаться при первом открытии.  Теперь при старте средства просмотра логов показываются последние 2К предыдущих событий. Оптимизировано получение списка процессов.  Переименован уровень лога Verbose->Trace. TfgControl
      Теперь можно легко получить корневую форму, в которую встроен компонент через свойство TfgControl.RootForm. Исправлена функция LocalToForm, которая раньше не учитывала наличие прокручиваемого содержимого у компонентов. TfgPath
      Улучшен разбор чисел. Теперь поддерживается чтение таких последовательности чисел "4.23-1.57l.27.28". Исправление ошибок 🐛
      FGX-140 TfgLabel c HorzAlign <> Left не отображается, если TextType=HTML (Android). TfgCollectionView не заполнялся элементами, если создавать его программным способом (iOS). Исправлена небольшая утечка памяти в TfgPopup (iOS). Исправлена отрисовка путей в TfgSvgPath при использовании гладких кривых. Из Android API убрано несколько скрытых методов и констант.
    • By Yaroslav Brovin
      Release date:
      5 September 2021
      Bug Fixes 🐛
      FGX Android Log Viewer
      Error running the log viewer under Delphi 10.3.
    • By Yaroslav Brovin
      Дата релиза:
      5 сентября 2021
      Исправление ошибок 🐛
      FGX Android Log Viewer
      Ошибка запуска средства для просмотра логов под Delphi 10.3.
    • By Yaroslav Brovin
      Release date:
      4 September 2021
      Attention 🚨
      We introduced new changes in logic of TfgEdit.OnChanged event. The Android invoked this event on any text changes and this event worked the same as OnChanging. Now we fixed it and the OnChanged event is invoked only, when text entering is ended: TfgEdit losted focus or user pressed Return Key. If you need to track any process changes in text field, use the OnChanging event.
      New ✨
      FGX Android Log Viewer
      A built-in viewer of device logs has appeared for Android (logcat). To start, select menu Project -> FGX Android Log Viewer. 
      The supporting of right TfgDrawer location was added. The new property TfgDrawer.Location allows to set drawer position (Left or Right).
      FGX-135 Add right mode for TfgDrawerLayout. Improvements 🙌 
      The TfgEdit offers two events for tracking text changes OnChanging and OnChanged. The first is being invoked on any text changes and allows to observe text input process. The second is invoked when text input process is ended. However, the OnChanged event worked on Android the same way as OnChanging and was being invoked on any text changes. In this release, we fixed this, and now the OnChanged event works the same on both Android and iOS platforms and is called in one of two cases:
      Text input lost focus; User pressed ReturnKey on virtual keyboard. In addition, the virtual keyboard on the Android always has a ReturnKey button. Therefore, the user always has the way to confirm the end of the input by clicking on this button. iOS also has such a button, however, it is not available on all keyboard layouts, which creates a problem for the user about how to report that the text is fully entered. For this situation, the TfgEdit component now displays a toolbar with a text input completion button when opening the virtual keyboard.
      The new overloaded methods ScrollTo(AControl) was added. It allows to scroll content to specified child control.
      Now you can get array of map's objects via Markers.ToArray, Polylines.ToArray, Polygons.ToArray or Circles.ToArray and take count via new property Count.
      Bug Fixes 🐛
      FGX-132 Incorrect work TfgCollectionView.ScrollToItem (iOS). FGX-133 TfgCollectionView.GetFirstVisibleItemIndex could return icorrect value (iOS). The item in the first call of TfgCollectionView.OnBindItem didn't provide actual size value (iOS). TfgNavigationBar
      FGX-105 Increase touch area of Navigation button in TfgNavigationBar (iOS). When user taps on menu item of collapsed buttons TfgNavigationBar.ActionButtons, drop down menu wasn't being closed (iOS). FGX-114 Internal TfgButton padding (iOS). TfgDrawerLayout
      When user slides TfgDrawer first time by finger, drawer visually jumped (iOS). TfgForm
      Sometimes the embedded forms might not be available for touching (iOS). FGX-130 TfgScreen returns incorrect size for rotated device (Android). Other
      TfgScreenManager didn't account rotation angle for, if device is lay on a table (iOS). Wrong applying TfgEdit.ContentPadding (iOS).
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