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  1. Hi Guys, i'm studing your FGX Library and i can say that you have done a great job! In the past i've checked Firemonkey but your library is better!!! However, your actual user control collection ,can solve all user requests, but i'm trying to understand if there is a way (now or in the future) to manage some Google's Material Design scrolling effects. For Example : 1. There is a way to manage Coordinator Layout / AppBarLayout / CollapsingToolBarLayout ? ( see URL https://guides.codepath.com/android/handling-scrolls-with-coordinatorlayout ) 2. There is a way to have a kind
  2. Hi Omar, Many thanks for your support. I will check your source code for a better management. However in my case the problem is not read data. I attach a small video. I can wait 20 or 30 seconds before start the scolling and data is already stored in my collection. As you can see the lag is very very small and it isn't a problem but i'm trying to get best practice methods and discover what can't be solved and what is a limit. Many Thanks. V_20200801_131036.mp4
  3. Hi Guys, i know that this isn't a specific question about FGX but i try to ask you. I attach a little demo source code that i'm writing. I'm using a DrawerLayout and i show differents forms in the Content. All works perfectly. When i've to destroy the Form i've seen in your Demo that i've to write the rows below : MyForm.Parent := nil; FreeAndNil(MyForm); If i do that, it works perfectly, but, if i comment the "MyForm.Parent := nil" and i call only FreeAndNil, for Delphi MyForm is destroyed but for Android no, because i can see it in my content and i can work wi
  4. Hy Stas, you are right! Excuse me but i'm studing the library and i've to understand better some managements. Thanks a lot. In the past i've opened the ticket "Relative position with Z-Order" with the same problem. If you post the same suggesions i will close the ticket. Thanks a lot.
  5. Hi guys, i'm trying to place an image above a map (see screenshot below ). The MAP has Position Relative and FlexGrow = 1. Now i want place an image in the middle-bottom of the map for custom operations. I've understood that i've to use absolute position, so i place it in the middle-bottom by hand... If i try to change device size, the image lose the correct position... There is a way to solve ( or a best practice ? ) Thanks a lot, Bye.
  6. Hi All, I've seen that if i call a TfgAnimationHelper.HideForm without the callback method you use as callbeck the method that raise the Hideform. Is correct ? There is a way to finish the AnimationHelper without CallBack ? I've done the test below and in the logCat i read 'Start CreateMainform' 2 times : procedure TFrmLogin.CreateMainform; begin FGX.Log.TfgLog.Log(TfgLogLevel.Debug,'Start CreateMainform'); TfgAnimationHelper.HideForm(FrmWait,[TfgAnimationOption.ReleaseOnFinish],0); end; Other TfgAnimationHelper methods works in the same manner ? Thanks a lot, Luke.
  7. Hi All, i've made a sample application with TfgMap. I've activated the Map Service but the TfgMap control is gray ( no map visualization ). I know that a Google map Api registration is required but i don't know if this is the cause. If yes, where i've to set my registration in the app? Thanks a lot, Best Regards.
  8. Hi Knsg12, thanks for support. I will do more tests and i will close the post if solved. Thanks a lot.
  9. Hi All, now my demo works better, thanks Knsg12. However i've seen that TfgAssetsManager.Current.AddBitmapFromUrlAsync take a lot of time ( 20 - 30 seconds ) to download the thumbnail from 'https://via.placeholder.com/150/92c952'. I've tried also to update your demo AsyncBitmapAssetDemo and i've replaced your sample url with mine. The first execution take 20 second, the nexts less than 1 second. How could be possibile ? Many thanks guys for your support.
  10. Hi Knsg12, you are right... AlbumId is not unique... excuse me. I check better if now it is solved. Thanks a lot, Luke.
  11. Hi All, i'm testing tfgCollectionView with this rest resource : http://jsonplaceholder.typicode.com/photos In this test my CollectionView Style has 1 fgImage and 1 fgLabel. I get the RestResouce with a TRESTRequest.ExecuteAsync and it works perfectly. When i've the ExecuteAsync CallBack i parse the JSON output string and i fill my Photos collection (TList). I do this step with a separate Task because i've 5000 items ( more or less). When i link data to the CollectionView i call fgCollectionViewGetItemCount and fgCollectionView1BindItem. If i bind only the fgLabel all works
  12. Hi All, I'm trying to use a tfgSearchEdit with a tfgCollectionView. I'm searching the better way to set the focus to the CollectionViewitem that match my search value. There is a demo that explain this management ? I've seen that i can fill the SearchEdit.Suggestions with the CollectionViewItems field otherwise i can do a binarysearch in the Tlist<> that is linked to the CollectionView but i've to sort the list. Can you suggest a best practise for that ? Thanks a lot, Luca.
  13. Hi All, i've tryied to manage the event fgListMenuItemOnTap as written below and i've seen that the Sender is not a fgListMenuItem object but fgListMenu. procedure TFormMain.fgListMenu1Items0Tap(Sender: TObject); begin fgLabel3.Text := Sender.ToString(); end; In this way i'm not able to understand witch item i've pressed so i've to manage each onItemTap with a specific event. Is it normal or i'm doing a mistake ? Thanks a lot, Luca.
  14. Hi all, just for sample i'm trying to put a square in the form center, and a circle in the square center. I've placed a layout with FlexGrow=1 so it will take all the form space and AlignmentChildren.JustifyContent=Center. Into the layout i've placed the square with PositionMode=relative. Now if i try to put the circle i can't use relative position but only absolute and i've to place the circle in the center without any support. How i can solve ? Thanks a lot, Best Regards.
  15. Luke

    Form events sequence

    Hi Yaroslav, I've solved. I've made a wrong usage of TfgAnimationHelper... Thank you.
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