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  1. Hi All, i'm testing tfgCollectionView with this rest resource : http://jsonplaceholder.typicode.com/photos In this test my CollectionView Style has 1 fgImage and 1 fgLabel. I get the RestResouce with a TRESTRequest.ExecuteAsync and it works perfectly. When i've the ExecuteAsync CallBack i parse the JSON output string and i fill my Photos collection (TList). I do this step with a separate Task because i've 5000 items ( more or less). When i link data to the CollectionView i call fgCollectionViewGetItemCount and fgCollectionView1BindItem. If i bind only the fgLabel all works perfectly. My problem is link the tfgImage to the thumbnail. I post my code: procedure TFramePhoto.fgCollectionView1BindItem(Sender: TObject;const AIndex: Integer; const AStyle: string; const AItem: TfgItemWrapper); VAR Item:TPhotoData; begin TRY Item:=RestPhotos.Items[AIndex]; AItem.GetControlByLookupName<TfgLabel>('LblTitle').Text := Item.Ftitle; TfgAssetsManager.Current.AddBitmapFromUrlAsync(Item.FalbumId, Item.FthumbnailUrl, procedure (const AResultCode: Integer; const AResultMessage: string) begin AItem.GetControlByLookupName<TfgImage>('ImgAlbum').ImageName := Item.FalbumId; end); EXCEPT ON E:EXCEPTION DO FGX.Log.TfgLog.Log(TfgLogLevel.Debug,'fgCollectionView1BindItem ' + e.Message); END; end; Actually i'm saving the images in assets but i think it is a bad idea... Can you suggest a best practice for this scenario ? Thanks a lot guys, Best Regards.
  2. Hi All, I'm trying to use a tfgSearchEdit with a tfgCollectionView. I'm searching the better way to set the focus to the CollectionViewitem that match my search value. There is a demo that explain this management ? I've seen that i can fill the SearchEdit.Suggestions with the CollectionViewItems field otherwise i can do a binarysearch in the Tlist<> that is linked to the CollectionView but i've to sort the list. Can you suggest a best practise for that ? Thanks a lot, Luca.
  3. Hi All, i've tryied to manage the event fgListMenuItemOnTap as written below and i've seen that the Sender is not a fgListMenuItem object but fgListMenu. procedure TFormMain.fgListMenu1Items0Tap(Sender: TObject); begin fgLabel3.Text := Sender.ToString(); end; In this way i'm not able to understand witch item i've pressed so i've to manage each onItemTap with a specific event. Is it normal or i'm doing a mistake ? Thanks a lot, Luca.
  4. Hi all, just for sample i'm trying to put a square in the form center, and a circle in the square center. I've placed a layout with FlexGrow=1 so it will take all the form space and AlignmentChildren.JustifyContent=Center. Into the layout i've placed the square with PositionMode=relative. Now if i try to put the circle i can't use relative position but only absolute and i've to place the circle in the center without any support. How i can solve ? Thanks a lot, Best Regards.
  5. Hi Yaroslav, I've solved. I've made a wrong usage of TfgAnimationHelper... Thank you.
  6. Hi Yaroslav, i attach my test project. As you can see in the FrmLogin i call FrmWait with this code : FrmWait := TFrmWait.Create(nil); TfgAnimationHelper.ShowForm(FrmWait); in FrmWait i've this method : procedure TFrmWait.fgFormCreate(Sender: TObject); begin TfgAnimationHelper.FadeOut(LblInfo, [TfgAnimationOption.StartFromCurrent], 0); LblInfo.Text:='Ciao Luca'; TfgAnimationHelper.FadeIn(LblInfo, [TfgAnimationOption.StartFromCurrent], 500); Sleep(2000); TfgAnimationHelper.FadeOut(LblInfo, [TfgAnimationOption.StartFromCurrent], 500); sleep(500); LblInfo.Text:='Abbiamo quasi finito...'; TfgAnimationHelper.FadeIn(LblInfo, [TfgAnimationOption.StartFromCurrent], 500); Sleep(2000); TfgAnimationHelper.FadeOut(LblInfo, [TfgAnimationOption.StartFromCurrent], 500); end; and this event freeze the current form. I think i can fix with TfgCallBack from TfgAnimationHelper.ShowForm but i'm not sure and i don't know how to use it. Thanks a lot. FMX.7z
  7. Hi All, i'm trying to show a new from from another with the code below : FrmWait := TFrmWait.Create(nil); TfgAnimationHelper.ShowForm(FrmWait); The TfgAnimationHelper.ShowForm method lock the current Form when it exec the FrmWait.Create method. I've tried to move my initializazion code from FrmWait.create to FrmWait.show but the initialization freeze the current form and only at the and i see the FrmWait. ( In windows environment i solve this problem with windows messages ). Some one can help my ? I'm following the wrong way ? Thanks a lot
  8. Hi Brovin, Thanks a lot fou your support. It will be added in Trial Version ? Now in English section i can download only Many Thanks, you are doing a great job.
  9. Hi Guys, i'm trying to make a demo with the component TfgBarcodeScanner. The camera works perferctly, but, when i link the BarcodeScanner to the camera ( BarcodeScanner.Camera :=Camera; ) the camera become freezed. When i set BarcodeScanner.Camera :=nil; the camera works. Do you have any idea ? I'm working with a ZenPhone 2 with Android 8. Thanks a lot, Luke
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