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Two courses on FGX Native in Italian

Yaroslav Brovin


Hello dear Delphi developers,

We are happy to share with you two new FGX Native courses in Italian, which Claudio Piffer @claudio.piffer designed and prepared for you. Claudio Piffer is strong Delphi Developer with wide knowledge of different technologies. He often speaks at various Delphi conferences and shares his knowledge with other developers. For us, he is known for two speeches at the DelphiDays conference in Italy (2020, 2022), on which he clearly showed and told the possibilities of FGX Native in the shortest possible time. Claudio has prepared two courses that can help you go into the world of mobile development with Delphi and FGX Native:

  1. Basic. Mobile developement with FGX Native.

    In this course, we will see a general overview of the product with a comparison of the two worlds (APF and FMX) and an analysis of the pros and cons of both technologies. We will try to understand what it means to develop mobile applications compared to classic desktop applications and what should be avoided. In the second part, we will delve into the very heart of the library itself to extract all the potential it demonstrates in order to make the most of it.

  2. Advanced. Advanced concepts in FGX Native.

    In this day course, we will see the advanced aspects of the FGX platform aimed at creating applications characterized by a pleasant appearance without compromising performance.

You can find the course description, topics and lessons covered by clicking on the links above.

Thank you,
Yaroslav Brovin

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