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  1. Hi Brovin GREAT!!!!!! I'm starting a big new app (for now for Android).FGX is a must for every professional delphi developer!!!! GREAT, GREAT WORK!!! See you soon 😉
  2. Hello Yaroslav I just updated the version in my Delphi 10.3.3 but when I start Delphi the package of FGX is not found. In folder \FGX Native\Libs\260\Win32\Release\ I find only the packages with suffix 270 (Delphi 10.4) instead of 260 (10.3). Can you check? Thank you very much and best regards ?
  3. Hi MoreWood thank you very much!!! I am happy that it was to your liking. Too bad for the time because I had other things to say. Yes is a Datalogic Device. For the moment I have worked with the bar code reader (FGX) and it works perfectly !! I will test the rest in the coming weeks ? I'll update you as soon as I finish the tests Many thank and see you soon ?
  4. Many Thank Yaroslav!!!!! I love FGX and thanks to FGX our mobile applications will be light years ahead!
  5. Hi Yaroslav thank you very much! Yes. I've been following the FGX project for a long time and can't wait to use it! So anything that accelerates the internationalization of the product by accelerating marketing in the rest of the world is absolutely (IMHO) a priority! >>Did you check trial? What do you think about it? Yes I installed the 1.0.2 version (I need to upgrade to version 1.0.5) and I love FGX! FGX is the product that we need for mobile development! I stay tuned waiting for the English version and the opportunity to buy it! Best Regards! Thank you!!
  6. Hi Yaroslav when you release the English version? When I (I live in Italy) can buy FGX-Native? Many thanks Best Regards Claudio
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