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  1. Download: setup_1.11.7.0_release.eng.zip Release date: 18 September 2021 New ✨ TfgAutocompleteEdit The new implementation of TfgAutocompleteEdit for iOS was added. In addition, you can now programmatically open and close the drop-down window at your discretion using the new DropDown and Close methods. We also added a new property DropDownSize, which allows you to specify a size of the drop-down window. The new property BorderKind was added for turning off control border TfgSearchEdit The new implementation of TfgSearchEdit for iOS was added. The new property BorderKind was added for turning off control border Improvements 🙌 FGX Android Log Viewer The principle of the quick filter has been changed. It now works on the AND principle. The original phrase is split by the space character into separate words. To be included in the final selection, the log line must contain occurrences of all words. To find the entire part of a phrase containing a space, enclose it in quotation marks. Added the ability to set the minimum log level for the quick filter. Now when you select an application, fast filtering is triggered, rather than restarting the collection of logs for the selected application. Sometimes the color of some elements may not match the theme when the logviewer starts. Sometimes the detailed information about an event might not be displayed when first opened. Now, when the logviewer starts, the last 2K previous events are shown. Optimized getting the list of processes. Renamed log level Verbose->Trace. TfgControl The new property TfgControl.RootForm was added for possibility take root form, which doesn't have parent. The LocalToForm method was fixed. It didn't account scrollable content offset. TfgPath The parsing of numbers was improved. Now it supports parsing the following numbers "4.23-1.57l.27.28". Bug Fixes 🐛 FGX-140 Label with HorzAlign different than Left is not displayed when TextType is HTML (Android). TfgCollectionView didn't fill items, if developer created control in runtime (iOS). The small memory leak were fixed in TfgPopup (iOS). The rendering smooth curve was fixed in TfgSvgPath. Some grey-listed API was removed from Android API (Android).
  2. Download: setup_1.11.6.1_release.eng.zip Release date: 5 September 2021 Bug Fixes 🐛 FGX Android Log Viewer Error running the log viewer under Delphi 10.3.
  3. Download: setup_1.11.6.0_release.eng.zip Release date: 4 September 2021 Attention 🚨 We introduced new changes in logic of TfgEdit.OnChanged event. The Android invoked this event on any text changes and this event worked the same as OnChanging. Now we fixed it and the OnChanged event is invoked only, when text entering is ended: TfgEdit losted focus or user pressed Return Key. If you need to track any process changes in text field, use the OnChanging event. New ✨ FGX Android Log Viewer A built-in viewer of device logs has appeared for Android (logcat). To start, select menu Project -> FGX Android Log Viewer. https://translate.yandex.ru/translate?lang=ru-en&url=https%3A%2F%2Fforum.fgx-native.com%2Fblogs%2Fentry%2F34-новое-средство-просмотра-android-логов-в-fgx-native%2F TfgDrawerLayout The supporting of right TfgDrawer location was added. The new property TfgDrawer.Location allows to set drawer position (Left or Right). FGX-135 Add right mode for TfgDrawerLayout. Improvements 🙌 TfgEdit The TfgEdit offers two events for tracking text changes OnChanging and OnChanged. The first is being invoked on any text changes and allows to observe text input process. The second is invoked when text input process is ended. However, the OnChanged event worked on Android the same way as OnChanging and was being invoked on any text changes. In this release, we fixed this, and now the OnChanged event works the same on both Android and iOS platforms and is called in one of two cases: Text input lost focus; User pressed ReturnKey on virtual keyboard. In addition, the virtual keyboard on the Android always has a ReturnKey button. Therefore, the user always has the way to confirm the end of the input by clicking on this button. iOS also has such a button, however, it is not available on all keyboard layouts, which creates a problem for the user about how to report that the text is fully entered. For this situation, the TfgEdit component now displays a toolbar with a text input completion button when opening the virtual keyboard. TfgVerticalScrollBox/TfgHorizontalScrollBox The new overloaded methods ScrollTo(AControl) was added. It allows to scroll content to specified child control. TfgMap Now you can get array of map's objects via Markers.ToArray, Polylines.ToArray, Polygons.ToArray or Circles.ToArray and take count via new property Count. Bug Fixes 🐛 TfgCollectionView FGX-132 Incorrect work TfgCollectionView.ScrollToItem (iOS). FGX-133 TfgCollectionView.GetFirstVisibleItemIndex could return icorrect value (iOS). The item in the first call of TfgCollectionView.OnBindItem didn't provide actual size value (iOS). TfgNavigationBar FGX-105 Increase touch area of Navigation button in TfgNavigationBar (iOS). When user taps on menu item of collapsed buttons TfgNavigationBar.ActionButtons, drop down menu wasn't being closed (iOS). FGX-114 Internal TfgButton padding (iOS). TfgDrawerLayout When user slides TfgDrawer first time by finger, drawer visually jumped (iOS). TfgForm Sometimes the embedded forms might not be available for touching (iOS). FGX-130 TfgScreen returns incorrect size for rotated device (Android). Other TfgScreenManager didn't account rotation angle for, if device is lay on a table (iOS). Wrong applying TfgEdit.ContentPadding (iOS).
  4. Download: setup_1.11.5.0_release.eng.exe.zip Release date: 18 August 2021 Improvements 🙌 TfgLabel Now when user taps on link in HTML in TfgLabel text (TextType=HTML), the link is opened by operation system (Android). FGX-125 Clicks on hyperlinks have stopped being processed (Android). Bug Fixes 🐛 FGX-117 TfgSvgPath incorrect display of some images (Android). FGX-118 Long titles and subtitles are not trimmed in TfgNavigationBar (iOS). FGX-119 The TfgEdit/TfgMemo.OnChanged event can be invoked when form is being closed (iOS). FGX-120 The TfgCollectionView.Padding doesn't work (iOS). FGX-121 Realign doesn't work in TfgCollectionView.OnBindItem (iOS). FGX-122 The text is not visible in TfgButton on iOS 12.5.4 (iOS). FGX-123 Duplicated Android API classes (Android). FGX-124 Bug in usage Font.Style (iOS). FGX-126 Hyperlinks are not rendered in TfgLabel (Android). The Italic style may not applied sometimes (iOS). The shadow parameters were not applied to the text on the TfgButton (iOS). Fixed the use of clipping text by characters in TfgLabel when there is no hyphenation (iOS).
  5. Download: setup_1.11.4.0_release.eng.zip Release date: 30 July 2021 Attention 🚨 The Android shell MIUI automatically tries to apply the system dark theme bypassing the standard means Android. Such an attempt to apply the theme can be visually expressed in distorted colors on MIUI, since it redefines the system behavior of pure Android to adapt applications to a dark theme. FGX Native applications haven't support the dark theme provided by the system. Therefore, to avoid color distortion, it is necessary: If the application is old, then add to the file styles.xml line and make a full build of the application: <item name="android:forceDarkAllowed">false</item> If the application is created with this library version, you don't need to do anything. FGX-115 Dim images on a device with a dark theme (Android). Improvements 🙌 TfgNavigationBar The implementation of the component for iOS has been redesigned. Implemented a drop-down menu for collapsed ActionButtons that do not fit on the panel. Now, if the button does not have an icon, its text is displayed. TfgVirtualKeyboard The new event TfgForm.OnVirtualKeyboardBeginFrameChanging was added. It is called at the beginning of the animation of changing the display area of the virtual keyboard. In the event parameters, animation parameters are passed (animation duration, type of interpolation), which you can use to animate your UI to the virtual keyboard. The event is duplicated by broadcasting the message FGX.VirtualKeyboard.TfgOnVirtualKeyboardBeginFrameChangingMessage, which you can catch anywhere in your application. For Android, the new event is called immediately before OnVirtualKeyboardFrameChanged. FGX-113 Changing the phase of the OnFormVirtualKeyboardFrameChanged handler (iOS). Other The new demo sample was added: "Form" -> "Safe area insets". Bug Fixes 🐛 FGX-81 Incorrect alignment TfgNavigationBar.ActionButtons (iOS). FGX-85 Application didn't show splash screen (iOS). FGX-96 TfgCollectionView doesn't support changing item's height in runtime (iOS). FGX-106 Incorrect work of TfgVerticalScrollBox.ScrollBottom (iOS). FGX-108 Wrong form's size in Form.OnCreate (iOS). FGX-109 Error in executing PositionAnimation (Android). FGX-112 TfgEdit.OnChanged didn't work (iOS). FGX-115 Dim images on a device with a dark theme (Android). FGX-116 TfgSVGPath does not render the icon correctly. The TfgForm.OnVirtualKeyboardFrameChanged event could be invoked before complete form loading or creating (iOS). Sometimes the theme could be applied incorrectly for components dynamically added to TfgPopup. The TfgForm.OnSafeAreaChanged event passed an incorrect value of the bottom indent (Android). Removing TfgDrawerLayout or TfgBottomSheetLayout from from led to application crash (iOS). The event TfgMap.OnMapReady was invoked before TfgForm.OnCreate (iOS). Removing form with TfgMap with selected marker led to raising exception (iOS). Tapping marker with current user location on TfgMap led to raising exception (iOS). Creating marker via usage TfgMapMarkerOptions led to incorrect applying Anchor (Android). The anchor point of the marker image has also been changed from the center (0.5, 0.5) to the bottom center point (0.5, 1.0) by default. The default content padding was added to TfgButton (iOS).
  6. Download: setup_1.11.3.2_release.eng.zip Release date: 17 July 2021 Bug Fixes 🐛 If you create several forms on application startup, than last was marked as main form. The TfgHorizontalScrollbox.HorzScrollBar.Visible property didn't work (iOS).
  7. Download: setup_1.11.3.1_release.eng.zip Release date: 15 July 2021 Bug Fixes 🐛 FGX-101 TfgCameraFlashMode.On doesn't work (Android). FGX-102 Incorrect rendering font size of TfgLabel.Text when TextType = HTML (iOS). FGX-103 Incorrect TfgPageControl background color (iOS).
  8. Download: setup_1.11.3.0_release.eng.zip Release date: 13 July 2021 Improvements 🙌 TfgPageControl The full implementation of TfgPageControl was done for iOS. The swiping pages was implemented (iOS). The TfgPageControl.SwipeEnabled property was implemeneted (iOS). All events TfgPageControl.OnPageSelecting, OnPageSelected and OnChanged were implemented (iOS). Now events are not being invoked, when user changes active page by programmatic way (iOS). Animation The new animation kind was added, which allows to animate control position. The new animator can be created via factory method TfgAnimationManager.CreatePositionAnimation. Unlike the translation animator Translate, this animator works with the local coordinates of the component, allowing you to move the component more conveniently. Assets manager Added scrolling assets designer content by mouse wheel. FGX-84 Add scrolling assets designer content by Mouse Wheel in IDE. Platform The notification about changes screen orientation was implemented for iOS. You can observes this notification via TfgApplicationEvents.OnScreenOrietnationChanged event. If you don't want to use this component, you can use broadcast receiving messages via TMessageManager: uses System.Messaging, FGX.Platform; TMessageManager.DefaultManager.SubscribeToMessage(TfgOnScreenOrientationChangedMessage, procedure(const Sender: TObject; const M: TMessage) begin TfgAssert.IsClass(M, TfgOnScreenOrientationChangedMessage); var Message := TfgOnScreenOrientationChangedMessage(M); // Message.OldOrientation // Message.NewOrientation end); Other The new method ToString was implemented for iOS API types: CGSize, CGPoint, CGRect for convenient printing values. Bug Fixes 🐛 After translate animation, the position of the control was reset to the initial value (Android). Sometimes, after Bounds and Translation animations, the control could have an incorrect final position (Android). When adding an existing animation of the same name to TfgAnimationManager, it did not get into the internal list. As a result, this animation could not be found and could not be stopped. FGX-73 Incorrect sequence of event calls (iOS). FGX-74 The TfgPageControl.OnChanged was invoked even, if developer changes pages by programmatic way (iOS). FGX-82 TfgPopup The not nil value is required FBackGroundView (iOS). FGX-83 EAccessViolation was raised, when iOS application is being launched (iOS). FGX-86 When displayed in TfgPopup on iPadOS, the one-columned TfgCollectionView is arranged in two columns (iOS). FGX-87 Wrong placement TfgBottomSheet on startup (iOS). FGX-88 Tint in TfgImage in TfgCollectionView works incorrectly (iOS). FGX-90 EAccessViolation is raised in TfgCollectionView.GetItemCount, when form is being created in (iOS). FGX-93 The OnVirtualKeyboardFrameChange event return non zero height when the Virutal Keyboard is hidden (iOS). FGX-94 "Style=Translucent" doesn't work fot TfgNavigationBar (iOS). FGX-98 The sliding pages doesn't work in TfgPageControl (iOS). When user applied the TintColor to the TfgButton in iOS, the tint color was applied to the button background, although it should not be (iOS). The applying tint color for assets in the Assets Designer was fixed for iOS < 13.0 (iOS).
  9. Download: setup_1.11.2.0_release.eng.zip Release date: 19 June 2021 New ✨ Drop down window TfgPopup This release adds the ability to display any content as a drop-down window attached to the specified component. To create the TfgPopup drop-down window you need to use the TfgPopupFactory factory and pass the displayed component there. As a component, you can specify any visual component, including a form. FPopup := TfgPopupFactory.CreatePopup(FPopupContent); FPopup.Size := TSizeF.Create(200, 300); You must specify the component that the drop-down window should be displayed relative to. An additional parameter can be used to specify the popup offset. FPopup.DropDown(fgButton1); If you use themes in your application, then you can specify theme name via property ThemeName. By default, the drop-down window displays a shadow. However, you can use the transparent style of the drop-down window. This is managed via the Transparent property. New demo sample was added: "Components" -> "TfgPopup" -> "Basic sample". Details: https://translate.yandex.ru/translate?lang=ru-en&url=https%3A%2F%2Fforum.fgx-native.com%2Fblogs%2Fentry%2F29-выпадающие-окна-tfgpopup%2F Improvements 🙌 TfgBitmap Added the ability to work with raw data TfgBitmap using IFGXBitmapData. To get started, call TfgBitmap.MapData and TfgBitmap.UnmapData when finished. Added the ability to rotate TfgBitmap by a fixed angle. Turns are available 90, 180 and 270 degrees. New demo sample was added: "Canvas" -> "TfgBitmap - working with raw data". Details: https://translate.yandex.ru/translate?lang=ru-en&url=https%3A%2F%2Fforum.fgx-native.com%2Fblogs%2Fentry%2F30-новые-возможности-tfgbitmap%2F TfgWebBrowser Revised the handling of opening sites with problematic certificates. Now, by default, such sites are not opened. If you want to allow them to be displayed, you need to use the new event TfgWebBrowser.OnSSLError and use the AHandler parameter to prohibit or allow loading of such resources. New demo sample was added: "Components" -> "TfgWebBrowser" -> "Handling certificate errors". TfgCamera We added possibility to setup flash mode in the moment of taking photo. You can set this mode via the new property TfgCamera.FlashMode. Also you can use flash as a torch, while camera works only in preview mode. You can do it via the new property TfgCamera.TorchMode. Pay attention, it works only in preview and doesn't work in moment of taking photo. FGX-75 TfgCamera Add functionality for enabling flash. The demo sample was updated: "Components" -> "TfgCamera" -> "Camera". New controls were added for switching flash and torch modes. Bug Fixes 🐛 Dynamical changes of TfgBitmap size could lead to raising exception (Android). TfgCanvas.DrawBitmap and TfgCanvas.DrawBitmapWithMask methods rendered an image with the TfgBitmap scale instead of the TfgCanvas scale, which resulted in an incorrect image size (Android). FGX-77 TfgAnimationHelper Access Violation (iOS). FGX-78 TfgEdit has no focus after enabled-false/true (Android). FGX-79 Raising TfgCollectionView events after TfgForm.OnDestroy. FGX-80 SSL Error Handler (Android). The demo sample was fixed: "Android Api" -> "AlarmManager". The additional Android Studio project was added for building Java part.
  10. Download: setup_1.11.1.0_release.eng.zip Release date: 26 May 2021 Improvements 🙌 TfgBottomSheetLayout The new group settings property were added TfgBottomSheetLayout.BlockContentSettings. It allows to specify default action, when user taps blocked content area. The old property BlockContentMode was moved to BlockContentSettings.Mode. Now you can choose which action to perform automatically when clicking on the blocked area of the main content via the BlockContentSettings.AutoCloseAction. You can also now catch the touch event of this area via the new TfgBottomSheetLayoutOnBlockedContentTap event for manual page manipulation. FGX-60 Hide/Close TfgBottomSheetLayout. FGX-61 TfgBottomSheetLayout AutoHide. Assets manager The new method TfgAssetsFactory.SaveConfigToFile was added, which allows to save information about filtered assets in file. Example of saving all resources whose name starts with the Cache prefix: const CachePrefix = 'Cache'; TfgAssetsFactory.SaveConfigToFile(TfgAssetsManager.Current, ConfigFileName, function (const AAsset: TfgAsset): Boolean begin Result := string(AAsset.Name).StartsWith(CachePrefix); end, [TfgWritingOption.EmitEmptyAssets]); FGX-35 Add a possibility to save filtered assets to config file. Other TfgWebBrowser can open https pages with certificate issues (Android). The new helpers methods ToString and ToARGBHex were added for TAlphaColor. The new header file Android.Api.Accessibility was added for using Android Accessibility. Bug Fixes 🐛 FGX-62 TfgAnimationHelper Access Violation (iOS). FGX-63 Incorect rendering background of fgNavigationBar (iOS). FGX-64 TfgBottomSheet doesn't store AlignmentChildren.Direction value. FGX-66 TfgCardPanel wrong rendering background color (iOS). FGX-67 TfgAnimationHelper.ShowForm(FrameName) is crashed (iOS). FGX-68 Application was crashed, when the HideForm was invoked. FGX-69 AddBitmapFromUrlAsync could led to exception sometimes (Android). The TfgBottomSheetLayout.BlockContentMode property didn't work, if ContentShadingSettings.Enabled = False (Android). The transation of TfgTranslation designer was fixed.
  11. Download: setup_1.11.0.0_release.eng.zip Release date: 18 May 2021 Important notes 🚨 The auxiliary animation types were moved from FGX.Animation -> FGX.Animation.Types. If your project is not going to build due to the lack of these types, connect the FGX.Animation module.Types. New ✨ Animation Added basic animation implementation. New demo sample was added: "Animation" -> "Animation templates". Description and details are avaiable here. Taking photo from Camera or Gallery Now you can take photo from camera or system gallery. Use on of the FGX.Pickers.Photo.TfgPickerPhotoFactory methods. New demo sample was added: "Components" -> "Pickers" -> "Taking photo". Description and details are avaiable here. Localization component In this version, we deliver a separate bpl-package with the localization component TfgTranslator, which we ourselves have been successfully using in the implementation of the FGX Native designer for a long time. However, we do not recommend using it in mobile applications, since all dictionaries with translations are always loaded when creating a form, and since we have a vision of how translation should be performed in mobile applications. Despite this, it is a working solution that can help you with localization of your projects. We deliver this component according to the "as-is" rule, that is, there are no guarantees on our part about its operation. Description and details are avaiable here. Other TfgDialog.InputQuery and TfgDialog.InputBox were implemented (iOS). New Android API methods were aded for working with "Drag&Drop" (Android). Bug Fixes 🐛 FGX-9 The scrolling TfgScrollBox doesn't work in TfgBottomSheet (Android). FGX-56 TfgForm lost property SystemStatusBar.Visibility (Android). FGX-59 [TfgTimeEdit] Segmentation fault, when user deletes form with TfgTimeEdit (Android). The method MeasureSize didn't work correctly for TfgNavigationBar (iOS). The event TfgNavigationBar.ActionButtons.OnTap doesn'didn't work on Android 6 in some cases (Android).
  12. Download: setup_1.10.1.0_release.eng.zip Release date: 28 April 2021 New ✨ The new demo sample was added: "Components" -> "TfgCollectionView" -> "Items ordering". Improvements 🙌 FGX-52 Showing white icons in Object Inspector. Bug Fixes 🐛 FGX-48 Cannot select TfgScrollBox child, if scrollbox is scrolled to bottom (IDE). FGX-49 Swithcing Code<->Design doesn't work with F12 hotkey. FGX-50 "Segmentation fault (11)" when application is terminated with TfgComboBox (Android). FGX-51 TfgPageControl doesn't delete page via RemovePage method. FGX-53 Drag&Drop TfgPage leads to IDE crash in Desingtime. FGX-55 Properties Enabled and HitTest are ignored in TfgEdit (Android). Fixed translation issue with "Класс устройства" in form designer.
  13. Download: The distributive is available by request only. Release date: 29 March 2021 Bug Fixes 🐛 Closing form with TfgPageControl led to application crash (Android).
  14. Download: The distributive is available by request only. Release date: 28 March 2021 Important notes 🚨 The work logic of TfgPageControl.OnChanged and TfgPageControl.OnPageSelected events were changed, that can break compatibility of your existing applications. Be sure to check out the details in "Improvements" -> "TfgPageControl". New ✨ TfgPushNotificationService The new component was added TfgPushNotificationService. It makes easy a using push-notifications in your application. This component takes care all work on starting service, setup connection and etc, providing special events for you. Look at the updated demo sample "Push-notification" -> "Receiving Push-notification". TfgCollectionView: The menu item styles of TfgListMenu were added to TfgCollectionView. If you do not have enough flexibility in the settings of the TfgListMenu component, you can easily use the new layouts to create a menu based on TfgCollectionView. The new styles are available in the components context menu in the "Menu" section. Other The control TfgVideoControl was implemented (iOS). FGX.PhoneDialer.TfgPhoneDialer was implemented (iOS). The setting supported application orientations was implemented (iOS). Improvements 🙌 TfgPageControl In this update, we have revised the operation of the OnChanged and OnPageSelected events. Now these events are called only when the user changes tabs interactively. Events are not triggered when you changes pages in programmatical way (adding, deleting, clearing, switching, etc.). Therefore, if you have logic that relies on constantly calling these events under any changes (interactive and programmatic), then in all places where you perform a programmatic change to tabs, you need to manually call the new method TfgPageControl.Changed, this will cause these events to be triggered immediately. There are many advantages to this approach: Protection against recursive calls. If you add/remove or change tabs, when page is switched, then such changes could lead to recursive triggering of these events, which is usually solved in the end by introducing an additional flag to track such changes. Reduce the number of calls to these events on any tab changes. Previously, any addition/deletion of a tab could trigger these events, even when it is not really necessary. Other The new demo sample was added: "Components" -> "TfgLabel" -> "Autosize" FGX-36 The new property TfgVideoControl.Volume was added (Android). Bug Fixes 🐛 FGX-24 Android 11 Stuck in splash screen (Android). FGX-33 TfgMapView continues to use location after closing form with control (Android). FGX-37 Events TfgPageControl.Changed/Selected didn't work, when user change page first time (Android). FGX-38 The event `TfgVirtualListPicker.OnChanged` is not invoked, when user taps on item. FGX-40 TfgPageControl Не вызывается событие OnChanged первый раз (Android). TfgVideoControl.Pause and Resume method didn't work correctly and reset video to the beginning (Android). SelectionColor wasn't applied for some TfgListMenuItem types.
  15. Download: The distributive is available by request only. Release date: 14 March 2021 Important notes Now color action buttons TfgNavigationBar depends on color TfgNavigationBar.ButtonsOptions.IconTintColorName. Now events TfgPageControl.OnChanged, TfgPageControl.OnPageSelecting, TfgPageControl.OnPageSelected are no longer triggered when the component is being created. Now events TfgComboBox.OnChanged, TfgComboBox.OnItemSelected are no longer triggered when the component is created. New ✨ The new tools for generating Delphi wrappers for usage Java API was added. Improvements 🙌 Android service Now, when you build FGX Native application with Android Service, IDE copies two patched files to project folder System.Android.Service.dcu and System.Android.Service.o, which are required for correct working Android services in FGX Native application. The new helper for getting Android service was added TfgAndroidHelper.Service (Android). Other The new demo sample about usage auto wrap components was added: "Alignment" -> "Automatic transfer of components by row". The broadcasting screen notification messages were implemented for screen parameter changes, connecting and removing screens (iOS). Bug Fixes 🐛 FGX-17 Fixed working with application images (iOS). FGX-19 TfgCollectionView.OnScroll doesn't work on iOS. FGX-20 Changing page in TfgPageControl via code (GotoPage) doesn't invoke OnChanged event on (iOS). FGX-21 ScrollBottom doesn't workk in TfgScrollBox (Android) FGX-22 Translation in Design Time. Crash barcode scanner on form destruction (Android). FGX-25 Assets Manager: import issues with material.io. FGX-26 The color of the action buttons on the navigation bar text. Restoring the original tint icon More Image when resetting tint color TfgNavigationBar.ButtonsOptions.IconTintColorName (Android). FGX-29 Usage TLocalServiceConnection.StartService doesn't work (Android). FGX-32 When TfgToast is hidden, application is crashed in RAD Studio 10.3 (iOS). The displaying TfgToasts on device with landscape orientation was fixed (iOS). FGX-31 Does not work TfgLine.Stroke.Cap (Dash=Dot). FGX-23 fgPageControl. Order of events. FGX-27 TfgComboBox. how to disable event onChanged.
  16. Download: The distributive is available by request only. Release date: 18 February 2021 Bug Fixes 🐛 The event TfgListMenu.OnTapItem didn't work (iOS).
  17. Download: The distributive is available by request only. Release date: 17 February 2021 Important notes We implemented HitTest property for iOS for all controls. The TfgRadioButton and TfgCheckBox components had False by default. Therefore, in older projects, these components will not work on iOS until you set them to HitTest=True. This property hasn't supported yet on Android for these components. New ✨ TfgToast We updated general approach of TfgToast usage for supporting TfgToast to maintain consistency in the library and implemented it for iOS. Now you shoud use special TfgToastFactory factory for showing and allocation TfgToast instance. Now you can use follow code for quick showing toast: TfgToastFactory.Show('Hello world!'); If you need to work with toast instance directly, you should use the next factory method: Toast := TfgToastFactory.CreateToast; TfgVirtualListPicker We added new component for selecting text value from a list. The component is a rotating wheel. Details TfgNumberlListPicker We added new component for selecting float value from range. The component is a rotating wheel. Details Other We implemented supporting tint color for TfgBitmap. Now the settings tint color in assets designer works fine (iOS). TfgToast is available on iOS now (iOS). OnTouch and OnTap was implemented (iOS). We added missed demo sample: "Components" -> "TfgSignature" -> "Basic sample". Improvements 🙌 TfgWebBrowser cannot load local html file in targetSDK = 30 (Android). The new unit header was added for Android API for working with NFC Android.Api.NFC. FGX-10 TfgWebBrowser is supporting file chooser now (Android). Bug Fixes 🐛 FGX-3 TfgLabel doesn't correctly show HTML text (iOS). FGX-4 The TfgImage.OnTap event doesn't work (iOS). FGX-6 When application is launched, it sometimes forces invoking TfgCollectionView.PullToRefresh event (iOS). FGX-11 The form as frame, incorrect behaviour. Fixed the default value of the hitTest property with False -> True for TfgRadioButton and TfgCheckBox. This property does not work on Android for these components, however, now on iOS it works for all components. Therefore, you must set the value hitTest = True for TfgRadioButton and TfgCheckBox. Selection in TfgCollectionView (iOS) did not work. FGX-18 MeasureText and FillText doesn't work correctly (Android).
  18. Download: The distributive is available by request only. Release date: 30 January 2021 New ✨ The TfgComboBox component is implemented for iOS. The new component TfgSignature was ported from FGX for FMX library (Android). It allows to take signature from user in vector style, save it into TfgBitmap or in stream. The new sample about usage new component TfgSignature was added: "Components" -> "TfgSignature" -> "Basic sample". The implementation of system push-notification service (APS) was implemented for iOS (Hasn't tested yet!). Improvements 🙌 New methods overloaded methods TfgBitmap.SaveToStream and SaveToFile was added with possibility to specify quality. Now you can specify image format (PNG, JPEG),when you save TfgBitmap to stream. Bug Fixes 🐛 TfgEdit.Text could sometimes return irrelevant text (iOS). Specified assets could be ignored in some components, placed into TfgCollectionView. TfgButton didn't apply theme from first try, if button used not Default kind (Android, iOS). After saving TfgBitmap the application could crash, if you continue to use this bitmap (iOS). TfgCanvas didn't account font settings in IDE (Win). The adding menu item to TfgListMenu led to crash in runtime (iOS). TfgCollectionView The not nil value is required, when form is being closed (iOS).
  19. Download: The distributive is available by request only. Release date: 20 January 2021 Bug Fixes 🐛 If TfgBottomSheetLayout.ContentShadingSettings.Enabled is True, main content was black on the application start. TfgBottomSheet didn't allow to change height in IDE.
  20. Download: The distributive is available by request only. Release date: 19 January 2021 Loss of backward compatibility 🚨 TfgCanvas The default direction of the gradient is left-to-right instead of top-to-bottom now. TfgBottomSheetLayout We have revised the modal mode of TfgBottomSheetLayout and decided to expand possibility of this component. We introduced 2 new settings group: TfgBottomSheetLayout.ContentShadingSettings - shading settings of main content TfgBottomSheetContent. It allows to specify color of shading and enable/disable it. TfgBottomSheetLayout.BlockContentMode - mode of blocking touch events of main content TfgBottomSheetContent. You can easily tune the modal mode with these settings. At the same time you can do combined modal mode, when main content is available in collapsed sheet mode. You can use TfgBottomSheetLayout.ContentShadingSettings.Enabled = True and TfgBottomSheetLayout.BlockContentMode = WhenCollapsedOrExpanded for emulating old modal mode. New ✨ TfgListMenu We introduced new property to fine-tune the component's color scheme. This settings group doesn't allow set different colors for different menu items since the component follows the concept of Material Design. However, you can now specify the base colors of the scheme and the colors for the separator for the normal display mode of the menu item and the selected one, which was not possible before. In addition, quite often, the icons used in menu items need to be tinted. This could be solved at the assets designer level by simply specifying the desired tint color for an icon. However, the icons used in the menu can be used in other places in practice. In this situation, you had to have two duplicates of the same icon, but with different shades, which certainly increases the size of the application and complicates further editing of resources. The situation is complicated when the color of the icon when selected differs from the color of the icon without selection. The solution to this problem is now succinctly done through a new group of settings Appearance.Icon, which works on the same principle as the similar property of TfgButton. Here you can specify the color of the icon without and with selection. As a result, you only need to have one icon in the resources of this base size for all other places. Clipboard We implemented new crossplatform service FGX.Clipboard.TfgClipboardService for Android and iOS for working with system clipbaord. At the moment, the service allows you to work only with text. To get acquainted with the work of the service, an example is available "System services" -> "Text clipboard". Measure Text The new method TfgCanvas.MeasureText was added for calculation text size. Other Now, if you are using non-implemented components (TfgCalender, TfgVideoControl, TfgSearchEdit, TfgAutocompleteEdit) for iOS, it will not lead to application crash and application will show visual stubs instead. We added new iOS API headers: AVFoundation, CoreMedia and CoreVideo. Improvements 🙌 Themes Despite the fact that the themes have been supported for a long time, they had a number of difficulties associated with the use of custom resource names. Changing the theme automatically worked perfectly for all components that the developer did not specify their resource. However, as soon as any resource was specified (not by default), such a resource was considered independent of the theme and did not change when switching the theme. We fixed this situation and now the resource is bound to the current form topic if the resource is specified from the current form. This allows you to make a full-fledged theme switch for all properties. If the resource is not linked to a topic, then this resource will not change when the form changes the topic. Now we always display the name of the asset used by default for the property even if there is no asset, unless otherwise specified. We decided that this would make it easier to understand what resources the component uses by default. Other We provided two new theme colors to the theme generator: "On Surface" and "On Background" - These are contrasting colors intended for use in elements that use the "Surface" or "Background " color scheme. To get the color data, just re-generate the theme in the asset designer. We added new helpers for TAlphaColor (look at FGX.Types.Color) allowing you to work with color components, perform basic alpha channel transformations, and so on. Optimization for using fonts for painting on canvas TfgCanvas.FillText (Android). Bug Fixes 🐛 TfgCanvas TfgArch with SweepAngle 360 not drawing properly (Android). Fixed drawing with a gradient brush TfgCanvas.Fill and a gradient pen TfgCanvas.Draw (Android). Fixed drawing points with pen TfgCanvas.DrawPoints(s) (Android). Fixed drawing arc with pen TfgCanvas.DrawArc (Android). Fixed polygon filling TfgCanvas.FillPolygon (Android). Fixed drawing of an arc as part of a TfgCanvas.TfgPath (Android). Fixed drawing position of text on canvas TfgCanvas.FillText (iOS). Other TfgArch and TfgArc didn't show correctly round state IsCircle=True, if component's height was greater than width. We fixed wrong declaration of external functions and procedures in iOS API. We fixed delays in alignment system (iOS). The form has right size immediately after creating now (iOS). The bug of extracting file asset was fixed (iOS). If TfgButton used custom icon size Appearance.Icon.Size, it used wrong icon position. The TfgListMenu.OnTapItem event could sometimes not work (iOS). The TfgTrackBar.OnChanging event didn't work (iOS). The TfgTrackBar.OnChanging is not invoked, if ContinuesUpdates = False (Android). The openning form with TfgForm.IsTransparen = True led to crash (iOS).
  21. Download: The distributive is available by request only. Release date: 29 December 2020 Loss of backward compatibility 🚨 Changed the processing logic for HardwareBack button when TfgForm.CloseOnHardwareBack option is enabled: Clicking the button now processes only the active form, and not all forms, as before. Instead of TfgForm.Hide now called TfgForm.Close. If the button click was on the main form and CloseAction is equal to Hide, then the application goes into the background. New ✨ The new property TfgVirtualKeyboard.IsKeyboardShown was added for indicating whether the virtual keyboard is currently open. Added a new TfgForm.Close method to hide or destroy the form. The decision on action with the form is made based on the TfgForm.DefaultCloseAction property or in the TfgForm.OnClose event. Improvements 🙌 Now, using TfgAutoreleasePool, you can lazy destroy objects and interfaces that were not previously placed in the internal storage list. For iOS controls added the ability to manage focus (SetFocus, ResetFocus, IsFocused). Properties ContentPadding, IconName, BorderStyle, SelectAllOnFocus, OnReturnKeyPressed, OnEnter, OnExit and all selection methods were implemented for TfgEdit in iOS. Events OnEnter and OnExit were implemented for TfgMemo in iOS. Events TfgNavigationBar.OnActionButtonTap and TfgNavigationBarButton.OnTap were implemented for iOS. Bug Fixes 🐛 TfgCanvas.FillText method ignored the WordWrap argument to render multiline text. If the property TfgDateEdit.IsEmpty is set to True, it is impossible to select today's date. Property TfgMemo.Text always returned empty string (iOS). The application with TfgButton could crash on iOS. If you use mask in TfgImage, image can be wrong rendered in IDE. The vertical TfgLine was not rendered correctly.
  22. Download: The distributive is available by request only. Release date: 14 December 2020 Bug Fixes 🐛 Release threw away several methods from Android.Api.ActivityAndView, which are used Parcelable.
  23. Download: The distributive is available by request only. Release date: 14 December 2020 New ✨ The new component TfgBottomSheetLayout was added for IDE and Android and 2 demo-samples "Components" -> "TfgBottomSheetLayout" -> "Modal mode", "Interesting places on map". Improvements ? All headers for android.telephony were added into Android.Api.Telephony. We marked all methods of Android Api, which were introduced after Android 5.0. We restructured the grouping of header files alittle. All animation related classes were moved in new unit Android.Api.Animations. Basic text classes were moved to Android.Api.Text. Before all loaded TfgBitmap from file or stream were immutable. It meant that you were not able to use Canvas of this bitmap. So if you wanted to render on this bitmap, you had to make copy of this bitmap. Now all bitmaps are mutable by default. Bug Fixes ? If you are using automatically opening last opened forms in FGX Native project group, sometimes forms couldn't find the assets. When you closed form, project or IDE, sometimes it could lead to raising exception. The iOS Application with Button with Icon could be crashed. When user opens TfgDrawer first time by button, panel is opened without animation.
  24. Download: The distributive is available by request only. Release date: 4 December 2020 New ✨ Now you can automatically add new inherited form. Select Add New -> FGX Other... in context menu of project node in Projects panel. Full implementation of markers support in TfgMap for iOS. Full implementation of circles support in TfgMap for iOS. The new TfgMap.StandardLayerKinds property was added. It allows to control visibility of standard layers (Traffics and buildings). The new TfgMap.UserGestureKinds property was added. It allows to disable supportable map gestures. The new TfgMap.OnInfoWindowTap event was added. It's invoked, when user tap on information window of marker. The new demo sample Android Api -> Immersive mode shows how to enable ImmersiveModeо in Android. Improvements ? Now you can take internal application version via Application.Info.VersionCode. The new Android header android.graphics.drawable.VectorDrawable was added for working with vector images. Bug Fixes ? If TfgButton has TfgButton.Appearance = Contained in IDE, than style was not applyed to button in runtime for iOS. TfgImage.Opacity doesn't work in IDE. If project uses PushNotification and other custom Android services, than the Android manifest has information only about PushNotification service. An error might occur when the Android service starts and stops repeatedly "Cannot allocate proxy. All FGX Proxy interfaces are busy.". TfgButton doesn't change backgroud color, if you are using color asset in BackgroundName.
  25. Download: The distributive is available by request only. Release date: 22 November 2020 New ✨ The basic TfgMap implementation for iOS (without object supports). New headers for iOS MapKit were added. Now TfgWebBrowser automatically prints log messages into device log from the JavaScript console. Improvements ? TfgControl.BackgroundName was implemented for iOS. Now TfgControl correctly renders background image (stretch and 9-patch). TfgImage.TintColor and TfgImage.TintColorName were implemented for iOS. The TfgCollectionView.OnTapItem event was implemented for iOS. The TfgNavigationBar.OnNavigationIconTap event was implemented for iOS. Bug Fixes ? TfgImage.TintColor didn't update image appearance in runtime. FGX Native Android service was crashed on startup. TfgCollectionView.FindItemIndexByObject leaded to crash on iOS. TfgNavigationBar couldn't open TfgDrawerLayout on iOS. If you changed default style or size of TfgFont on any component, iOS didn't used system font. As result appearance of this font differed from the default. System.Bluethooth used Java classes from FMX, so it leaded to FGX Native application crash.
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