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  1. Goodmorning everyone. I'm trying the demo version in English, to be able to evaluate the purchase, as soon as available, because I find it really well done. When is the release scheduled? Is it possible to buy the Russian version and install the English version at a later time? Some questions about using the components: # TfgCamera - Is it possible to set continuous autofocus? - Is it possible to set resolution? - Is it possible to set the camera in a device with more than one rear chamber? # TfgBarcodeScanner - I have not found any example of use ... - I tried to use the component, connected to a TfgCamera. Here is the code I wrote: procedure TFormMain.fgButton1Tap(Sender: TObject); begin fgCamera1.Active := True; fgBarcodeScanner1.Active := True; end; procedure TFormMain.fgBarcodeScanner1Detected(Sender: TObject; const ABarcodes: TArray<FGX.Scanner.Barcode.TfgBarcode>); begin for var I := 0 to High(ABarcodes) do fgMemo1.Lines.Add(ABarcodes[0].RawData); fgBarcodeScanner1.Active := False; end; After some scan tests, the app crashes without any report. Did I do something wrong?
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