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Navigating the Evolution of Mobile App Development: My Journey from Delphi to FGX Native


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As a seasoned Delphi programmer, primarily working in the Windows environment, I was initially thrilled with the advent of the Firemonkey library. It promised the exciting possibility of developing mobile applications, which was a significant leap for me. However, my enthusiasm quickly dwindled due to the numerous issues I encountered. The library’s lack of compatibility with various Android systems was a major setback, and the frequent problems with applications built using it, such as app freezing, were disheartening.

I've often received advice that Delphi might be a poor choice for current development needs and that shifting to Flutter would be a better option. This leads me to ponder about FGX Native. I'm curious if FGX Native offers better stability compared to Firemonkey. Does it ensure compatibility with all versions of Android? And importantly, does it avoid the stability and freezing issues that have been prevalent with Firemonkey?

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Hi @aziz,

I can only speak for myself. But same as you I have used Delphi (mostly with DevExpress) on windows for many years (starting with D3).

This is my first foray into app development - I spent a few months with FMX and Skia but was not happy with the results.

I stumbled on FGX and can say its stable, compatible and even more importantly Yaroslav & Viktor are responsive in the forums and address questions and bugs quickly and professionally.

Personally, I prefer to code in pascal. It's far more readable that java-type langues. And you still have access to a lot of the Delphi non visual components.

The only time my FGX app has frozen or crashed is if I have made a mistake.

Hope this helps.


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