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Are you still based in Russia?

Lachlan Gemmell

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Hello Lachlan,

Recently there were discussion in another Delphi community about politics. Therefore, I will allow myself to borrow the answer of Darian Miller:


Keep your politics out of this forum.  All related messages have been deleted.  If anyone wants to talk about Russia and Ukraine - do it elsewhere.  There are plenty of other places to call each other out about their political views.  In this forum, we only argue about things like the use of WITH and GOTO and spaces versus tabs.  And to be explicit - there is no reason not to support a Russian or a Ukrainian developer asking questions about Delphi here.  Nationality should not be a part of the conversation.  And while we are on the topic -  we don't care where you come from, what you look like, who you sleep with, what pronouns you want to use, or what your religion is - and, just as importantly, that road goes both ways.  Do not interject any of these opinions of yours into the conversation either.  We cannot possibly make everyone on a social level happy as everyone is different and everyone has differing opinions and beliefs about all sorts of topics.  The Delphi code you are writing and supporting does not behave any differently depending on the answer to any of these things.

Thank you,
Yaroslav Brovin

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I agree with Darian's sentiment but only in the context of the public forum where it originated. Darian's statement is about the exchange of knowledge between individuals on a community forum. My post is about a potential financial transaction between two legal entities, my company and yours.

I'll admit my post reads more like a post from an individual than a company representative but I chose to put it in your licensing forum specifically because it is about the potential future financial transaction between your company and mine.

Regretfully in 2022-23 any financial transaction with a Russian company is a political statement in itself.

In fact citizens and companies of many countries could potentially be breaking their own country's laws if they transacted with a Russia based business. I remember reading that credit card companies have blocked transactions with Russian banks so perhaps it is not even possible for my company to make a payment to a Russian company.

So while I know you write good code and I am excited to see FGX entering the Delphi marketplace, I feel you need to provide more information on your company so potential customers can make informed purchase decisions that will not infringe their morals or their countries laws.

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В 03.01.2023 в 02:22, Lachlan Gemmell сказал:

My post is about a potential financial transaction between two legal entities, my company and yours.

All foreign clients pay via PayPro, which directly sells my software. Or if you have any doubts about the potential payment problems. You can purchase software directly from Italy shop: https://www.wintech-italia.it/ In this case, these are your monetary agreements with the Italian store. And at the moment I am not aware of any problems with paying foreign persons wishing to purchase the English version of the library.

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Thanks for the information. I've done some digging into what sanctions Australia is currently applying to Russia and assuming that you're not a state sponsored organisation or involved in the energy industry I could currently legally purchase from you.

At this time though I'm not probably not going to, though I really do like what you're doing.

Lets all hope that circumstances change in the near future and things go back to normal.

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