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The distributive is available by request only.

Release date:

13 July 2021

Improvements ūüôĆ


The full implementation of TfgPageControl was done for iOS.

  • The swiping pages was implemented (iOS).
  • The TfgPageControl.SwipeEnabled¬†property was implemeneted (iOS).
  • All events TfgPageControl.OnPageSelecting, OnPageSelected¬†and OnChanged¬†were implemented (iOS).
  • Now events are not being invoked, when user changes active page by programmatic way (iOS).


The new animation kind was added, which allows to animate control position. The new animator can be created via factory method TfgAnimationManager.CreatePositionAnimation. Unlike the translation animator Translate, this animator works with the local coordinates of the component, allowing you to move the component more conveniently.

Assets manager

Added scrolling assets designer content by mouse wheel.


The notification about changes screen orientation was implemented for iOS. You can observes this notification via TfgApplicationEvents.OnScreenOrietnationChanged event. If you don't want to use this component, you can use broadcast receiving messages via TMessageManager:

  System.Messaging, FGX.Platform;
    procedure(const Sender: TObject; const M: TMessage)
      TfgAssert.IsClass(M, TfgOnScreenOrientationChangedMessage);

      var Message := TfgOnScreenOrientationChangedMessage(M); 
      // Message.OldOrientation
      // Message.NewOrientation


  • The new method ToString¬†was implemented for iOS API¬†types: CGSize, CGPoint, CGRect¬†for convenient printing values.

Bug Fixes ūüźõ

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