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The distributive is available by request only.

Release date:

20 September 2020


* Attention!:

  - The new property Autosize is enabled for TfgNavigationBar, TfgSwitch and TfgTrackBar by default. So you don't need to have a code for calculating height of NavigationBar.
  - If you are using non standard Navigation bar height, you have to turn OFF valu Autosize = [].

* The new property Autosize was added for TfgNavigationBar, TfgSwitch and TfgTrackBar:

  - The property allows to enable automatic calculation required size of control.
  - The automatic calculation is processed only, if size dimension doesn't depends on Flex alignment settings. For example, if a component should be stratched, то автосайз в этом случае не будет применяться.

* TfgLabel:

  - New property ContentPadding was added for correction text output area.
  - The LetterSpacing property was added for changing space between text glyphs. It's not supported in IDE!

* TfgEdit:

  - New property ContentPadding was added for correction output area.
  - Now you can specify icon via TfgEdit.IconName, which is displayed on the left side of text.
  - Small fixes of TfgEdit appearance in IDE. New padding were added. Now the appearance is the same as on Android device.

* TfgRadioButton:

  - The bug of wrong tint color of RadioButton was fixed.

* TfgButton:

  - New properties TintColor and TintColorName were added for possibility recolor button to the required color.

* Push-notification:

  - When developer used Push notification and communicate with other Android activities via Intent, Exception could occure. Fixed.
  - If user tap on push-notification in Notification Center, when application is in background, OnReceiveNotification is invoked.

* Android-Api:

  - New headers were added "android.provider.*" -> "Android.Api.Providers.*"

* Demo samples:

  - "Android Api" -> "AlarmManager"


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