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  1. Hi, Maybe this old blog can help for some claritification on some "issues" about the changes in version 15. https://blog.marcocantu.com/blog/compiling_android_apps_delphi.html Hope it helps, Omar Zelaya
  2. Hi, I'm testing adding the library to add the TBeacon functionality on Android(On iOS works ok). If I just add the TBeacon component I get the following error at startup "Java type com/embarcadero/rtl/bluetooth/le/RTLScanListener could not be found". Thanks in advance, Omar Zelaya
  3. Hi, I'm using Delphi 11.1 and latest FGX. When I add Embarcadero Android Library for example "core-common-2.0.1.dex.jar" I get the following error when linking. "[MSBuild Error] Cannot evaluate the item metadata "%(FullPath)". The item meta-data "%(FullPath)" cannot be applied to the path "". The path is not of a legal form." Any hints? Thanks in advance, Omar Zelaya
  4. Hi, I have Skia4Delphi installed and now with new FGX version installed I get the following error at delphi startup. Thanks in advance, Omar Zelaya
  5. Hi, It is possible to use the delphi TBeacon component on a FGX project? If possible, what libraries do I have to add to the project? Thanks in Advance, Omar Zelaya
  6. Hi, Testing the MultiTouch Demo and it doesnt work on iOS, no dots are drawn. Thanks in advance, Omar Zelaya
  7. Hi, First time drawer is shown is not animated, after first time is shown animated. Thanks in advance, Omar Zelaya
  8. Hi, I know it is possible to do it "manually", I'm all ready doing it. would be more easy that fgx platform could "auto" create it for us. just like Firemonkey does it for example. Thanks in advance, Omar Zelaya
  9. Hi, Would be nice to add dots display on each page of pagecontrol. This is very usefull to show user that pages are available to swipe when tabposition is invisible. Thanks in advance, Omar Zelaya
  10. Hi, I'm using a "new" test device a Samsung SM-J260M with Android 8.0.1 with 10.4.1, now when I test the Camera Demo, when I take a pic, the preview image is not displayed ok. When I use front camera it works ok. Any hint? Thanks in advance, Omar Zelaya
  11. Hi, I get "[DCC Error] E2597 E:\\android-ndk-r17b\\platforms\\android-22\\arch-arm64\\usr\\lib\\crtbegin_so.o: file not recognized: File format not recognized" when compiling. Thanks in advance, Omar Zelaya
  12. Hi, I think is my OLD device is not supported anymore, tested with a firemonkey app with same results. Thanks in advance, Omar Zelaya
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