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  1. Hi, usage of thread method. CustomThread(/// OnStart procedure () begin // show some kind of wait message to user end, /// OnProcess procedure () begin // request data end, /// On Complete procedure () begin /// show end data request end, // On Error procedure () begin /// show error on data request end);
  2. Hi, not able to watch video,. 🙂
  3. Hi Maybe this help, procedure CustomThread( AOnStart, AOnProcess, AOnComplete : TProc; AOnError: TProcedureExcept; ADoCompletWithError: Boolean = True); var LThread : TThread; begin LThread := TThread.CreateAnonymousThread( procedure () var LDoComplete : Boolean; begin try try //OnStart LDoComplete := True; if Assigned(AOnStart) then begin TThread.Synchronize( TThread.CurrentThread, procedure () begin AOnStart; end ); end; //OnProcess if Assigned(AOnProcess) then AOnProcess; //OnError except on E:Exception do begin LDoComplete := ADoCompletWithError; if Assigned(AOnError) then begin TThread.Synchronize( TThread.CurrentThread, procedure () begin AOnError(E.Message); end ); end; end; end; finally //OnComplete if Assigned(AOnComplete) then begin TThread.Synchronize( TThread.CurrentThread, procedure () begin AOnComplete; end ); end; end; end ); LThread.FreeOnTerminate := True; LThread.Start; end;
  4. Hi, Rad Studio 10.3 memory manager uses arc on mobile, so you kind of shouldnt dont worry about memory release. On 10.4 on mobile now use standard memory model(not more arc) and you SHOULD be aware to release memory. About second question, not quite familiar with TRestRequest class and ExecuteAsync Method, In my own experience i always do any intenert request using Threads with no problems(no delays on main thread). I would suggest to use Threads to request data from the internet. I'm developing a App that laods data and images from a rest server with no delay on the app using threads. Hope it Helps, Omar Zelaya
  5. Hi, Now that real time video comunications and video conferences has become more important than ever, It would be nice to have on FGX something like this https://github.com/Zeus64/alcinoe#webrtc-delphi-wrapper supporting this nice feature to connect to existing free WebRTC servers like Jitsi. Something like this https://www.tmssoftware.com/site/blog.asp?post=661 Thanks in Advance, Omar Zelaya
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