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Release date:
9 April 2024

Improvements 🙌

Project Settings

The general application settings page has been implemented, which allows you to configure the application name, version, package name, etc.


The new property BorderStyle was added to TfgDateEdit and TfgTimeEdit, It allows to change border controls. The appearance of components in Form Designer was improved for Android/iOS styles. The TintColor property changes tint color of Date/Time picker on iOS, namely it change accent color for toolbar buttons Done/Cancel. Unfortunately, Android doesn't let to change such colors in runtime. So you should change them via styles.xml file.


Now, when setting the value of the Interval property, the designer automatically sets the same value for the Delay property (if the value of Delay coincided with Interval). By default, Delay was set to 0, and often customers could not understand why the first timer was triggered immediately after startup.

Yandex Mobile Ads

The Yandex Mobile Ads library was updated from "6.3.0" to "7.0.0".

Bug Fixes 🐛

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