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The distributive is available by request only.

Release date:

04 September 2020


* Android Api:

  - We introduced new way for using Android BroadcastReceiver in runtime. Now you can user special designed class FGXBroadcastReceiver and OnBroadcastReceiverListener listener for usage as BroadcastReceiver in FGX Native application. Look at the demo sample "Android Api" -> "Broadcast receiver".
  - New Android API headers were added: BroadcastReceiver, IntentFilter, AlarmManager and etc.

* Samples:

  - "Android Api" -> "Broadcast receiver". The sample of registering broadcast receiver for listening changes of the airplane mode.

* Project creator wizard:

  - The wizard remembers the last project location, organizadion id and git settings now.

* Assets designer:

  - When developer opens the assets designer via property editor in the Object Inspector, Assets designer selects current asset in Object Inspector. Also now it opens existed designer instead of creatin new tab.

* TfgForm:

  - When the last form is closed, it is not hidden from the screen. It helps to avoid displaying black screen while animation of hiding activity is in progress.

* TfgCollectionView:

  - The new method TfgItemWrapper.UpdateLookupNameIndex was added. It allows to refresh index of item's controls. The method is used for situation, when developer dynamically changes structure of style on a fly. In this case, if he is going to use GetControlByLookupName method, he has to invoke this method for refreshin index.

* Common designer improvements:

  - IDE Main menu has to new items for quickly creating new project and openning demo. "File" -> "New".
  - Several main menu icons were added.
  - The appearance of several designer windows were adjusted for 10.4.
  - #501 FGX: Advertising component is visible in FMX project
  - #498 [Designer] The wizard of opening demo has misspelling in demo description.
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