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The distributive is available by request only.

Release date:

28 March 2021

Important notes 🚨

The work logic of TfgPageControl.OnChanged and TfgPageControl.OnPageSelected events were changed, that can break compatibility of your existing applications. Be sure to check out the details in "Improvements" -> "TfgPageControl".



The new component was added TfgPushNotificationService. It makes easy a using push-notifications in your application. This component takes care all work on starting service, setup connection and etc, providing special events for you.

Look at the updated demo sample "Push-notification" -> "Receiving Push-notification".


The menu item styles of TfgListMenu were added to TfgCollectionView. If you do not have enough flexibility in the settings of the TfgListMenu component, you can easily use the new layouts to create a menu based on TfgCollectionView. The new styles are available in the components context menu in the "Menu" section.


  • The control TfgVideoControl was implemented (iOS).
  • FGX.PhoneDialer.TfgPhoneDialer was implemented (iOS).
  • The setting supported application orientations was implemented (iOS).

Improvements 🙌


In this update, we have revised the operation of the OnChanged and OnPageSelected  events. Now these events are called only when the user changes tabs interactively. Events are not triggered when you changes pages in programmatical way (adding, deleting, clearing, switching, etc.). Therefore, if you have logic that relies on constantly calling these events under any changes (interactive and programmatic), then in all places where you perform a programmatic change to tabs, you need to manually call the new method TfgPageControl.Changed, this will cause these events to be triggered immediately.

There are many advantages to this approach:

  • Protection against recursive calls. If you add/remove or change tabs, when page is switched, then such changes could lead to recursive triggering of these events, which is usually solved in the end by introducing an additional flag to track such changes.
  • Reduce the number of calls to these events on any tab changes. Previously, any addition/deletion of a tab could trigger these events, even when it is not really necessary.


    Bug Fixes 🐛

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