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  1. what libraries do you use for chat features?
  2. gats

    fgcombobox hangs

    Hi, I have a problem with the fgcombobox component if the item is empty, then I try to tap on the combobox, it will crash the application hangs for a while. the following log that I got. the device i use asus rog. Thanks you
  3. gats

    Camera Issue.

    there are several tools that can be used, I usually use DeviceLens.
  4. I have used 10.4 and it works well, although there must be some adjustments if you previously used 10.3.
  5. Thanks You @Alex Shi QRCode.zip
  6. this imgQRCode component fgimage? and when QRCode showing?
  7. Hello, I have tried this source code before, but failed to apply it to FGX. in this section I have not found the code on FGX. QRCodeBitmap.Canvas.Pixels[Column, Row] := clBlack; and how to repaint tfgpaintbox. Thanks you
  8. Hello Yaroslav, i have same problem with this. this log from device xiaomi Redmi Note 7 screencapture-camera.mp4 logcamerademo.rar
  9. Hello, I need a component that can generate QRCode. logically it can be generated on the server, then the application downloads as an asset. but it will be easier if FGX can generate it. thanks you
  10. Hello, I try run Timer Demo with 10.4 with 32 and 64 bit that have error like this video. what thas is bug? timer-demo.mp4
  11. Hello Yaroslav, I have successfully applied the sugestion, but on my computer the location is a little different like this "$(FGX)\Libs\Common\Android\Debug\arm64-v8a". thank you for your solution.
  12. Hello Yaroslav, What is wrong, I tried to compile a project that I worked on with RAD Studio 10.3 using 10.4. but there is an error message like this. but if I make a new project from 10.4 when compiling the project there are no problems. \android-ndk-r21\toolchains\aarch64-linux-android-4.9\prebuilt\windows-x86_64\aarch64-linux-android\bin\ld.exe: cannot find -lyoga what should I fix? Thanks you
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