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The distributive is available by request only.

Release date:

26 May 2021



The new group settings property were added TfgBottomSheetLayout.BlockContentSettings. It allows to specify default action, when user taps blocked content area. The old property BlockContentMode was moved to BlockContentSettings.Mode. Now you can choose which action to perform automatically when clicking on the blocked area of the main content via the BlockContentSettings.AutoCloseAction. You can also now catch the touch event of this area via the new TfgBottomSheetLayoutOnBlockedContentTap event for manual page manipulation. 

Assets manager

The new method TfgAssetsFactory.SaveConfigToFile was added, which allows to save information about filtered assets in file. 

Example of saving all resources whose name starts with the Cache prefix:

  CachePrefix = 'Cache';
TfgAssetsFactory.SaveConfigToFile(TfgAssetsManager.Current, ConfigFileName,
  function (const AAsset: TfgAsset): Boolean begin
    Result := string(AAsset.Name).StartsWith(CachePrefix);
  end, [TfgWritingOption.EmitEmptyAssets]);


  • TfgWebBrowser¬†can open https pages with certificate issues (Android).
  • The new helpers methods ToString¬†and ToARGBHex¬†were added for TAlphaColor.
  • The new header file Android.Api.Accessibility¬†was added for using Android Accessibility.

Bug Fixes ūüźõ

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