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Yaroslav Brovin

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The distributive is available by request only.

Release date:

30 July 2021

Attention 🚨

The Android shell MIUI automatically tries to apply the system dark theme bypassing the standard means Android. Such an attempt to apply the theme can be visually expressed in distorted colors on MIUI, since it redefines the system behavior of pure Android to adapt applications to a dark theme.

FGX Native applications haven't support the dark theme provided by the system. Therefore, to avoid color distortion, it is necessary:

  1. If the application is old, then add to the file styles.xml line and make a full build of the application:
    <item name="android:forceDarkAllowed">false</item>
  2. If the application is created with this library version, you don't need to do anything.

FGX-115 Dim images on a device with a dark theme (Android).

Improvements 🙌 

The implementation of the component for iOS has been redesigned.

  • Implemented a drop-down menu for collapsed ActionButtons that do not fit on the panel.
  • Now, if the button does not have an icon, its text is displayed.


The new event TfgForm.OnVirtualKeyboardBeginFrameChanging was added. It is called at the beginning of the animation of changing the display area of the virtual keyboard. In the event parameters, animation parameters are passed (animation duration, type of interpolation), which you can use to animate your UI to the virtual keyboard.

The event is duplicated by broadcasting the message FGX.VirtualKeyboard.TfgOnVirtualKeyboardBeginFrameChangingMessage, which you can catch anywhere in your application.

For Android, the new event is called immediately before OnVirtualKeyboardFrameChanged.


  • The new demo sample was added: "Form" -> "Safe area insets".

Bug Fixes 🐛

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