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Yaroslav Brovin

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The distributive is available by request only.

Release date:

8 October 2021

Attention 🚨

We re considered naming rules of FGX Native packages. Therefore, if you create your extension packages based on FGX Native, you need to rename the dependencies to packages:

  • FGXNative.Core <- fgx
  • FGXNative.Core.iOS <- fgx_ios
  • FGXNative.Core.Android <- fgx_android
  • FGXNative.Design <- fgx_design
  • FGXNative.Registration <-fgx_reg
  • FGXNative.Extension.Translator <- FGXTranslatorD
  • FGXNative.Externals <- fgx_externals

If you see fgx_reg.XXX.bpl or fgx_design.XXX.bpl packages cannot be found after installation, please, press No on both messages. We renamed these packages.



The new component TfgBarcode was developed. It allows to render barcode in differecet formats. It's based on Open Source project Zint.

Improvements 🙌


Now TfgScrollBox, TfgHorizontalScrollBox and TfgVerticalScrollBox components automatically scroll content to focused text-input control, if text-input control is not visible in scroll box viewport.


The new methods were added for convenient settings TfgControl.RelativePosition values.


Bug Fixes 🐛

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