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The distributive is available by request only.

Release date:

31 December 2021

Attention 🚨

  • Now, when changing the selection mode TfgCollectionView.SelectionMode, the existing selection of elements will be absolutely discarded without triggering any events.
  • Now, in the single selection mode TfgCollectionViewSelectionMode.SingleSelect, deselection from the selected element is not blocked.


Google Pay

The new component TfgGooglePayClient was added. It allows to provide payments in your applications via Google Pay. The component is crossplatform. However Google Pay is supported only on Android platform.


The new two events OnActivityResult and OnActivityNewIntent were added. This events work only in Android platform.

  • The OnActivityResult is being invoked, when Android activity receives result of invoking another activity.
  • The OnActivityNewIntent is being invoked, when Android activity receives intent from another activity.

The each event has argument of TfgAndroidIntent type, which in fact is Android.Api.ActivityAndView.JIntent type in Андроиде and TObject on another platforms. So typical sample of usage these events can look like:

procedure TFormMain.fgApplicationEvents1ActivityResult(Sender: TObject; const ARequestCode, AResultCode: Integer;
  const AIntent: TfgAndroidIntent);
  // Work with AIntent, ARequestCode, AResultCode

iOS/Android API

  • The new headers API files were added for usage in application purchases: iOS.Api.StoreKit and Android.Api.Billing.
  • The new iOS headers were added: iOS.Api.PassKit, iOS.Api.AddressBook and iOS.Api.AddressBookUI.

Improvements 🙌

  • The new demo sample was added, which shows how to use "Share" service for iOS: "iOS Api" -> "Sharing data".
  • FGX-152 Implement taking control's screenshot (iOS).
  • THe target version of *Android API* was increased for new FGX Native applications to Android 11 (API 30). 


  • New property TfgCollectionView.SelectionController.SelectionCount for getting the number of selected list items.
  • New events to control the selection of elements TfgCollectionView: OnItemCanSelect and OnItemCanDeselect

Bug Fixes 🐛

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