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Yaroslav Brovin

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The distributive is available by request only.

Release date:

30 April 2022

Warning 🚨

The TfgPickerPhotoFactory.PickPhotoFromCamera and TfgPickerPhotoFactory.PickPhotoFromLibrar methods, which take a single-file argument in the callback, are marked as deprecated and replaced with the same-name methods with an array of files in the callback.



The new method MoveCameraToVisibleRegion and property VisibleRegion were added for possibility to move camera on region by specified geographics coordinates.


The new property TfgCollectionView.SelectionOptions.AlwaysSelectItem was added, which allows or denies reset selection from last selected item. The property blocks last selection only when user manually tap an item. You can reset all selection by programmatic way.

Components icons

We have added new component icons for all components in "FGX: Shapes" and "FGX: Signature" groups.

Improvements 🙌


Now if the SystemStatusBar.ContentStyle equals Auto, the content style of the system status bar is selected based on the background color of the toolbar too.


New methods TfgScreenInfo.DpToPx and TfgScreenInfo.PxToDp were added for conversion physical and logical coordinates among themselves.


The primary optimization of the alignment system was carried out, the results of which were the reduction of unnecessary alignments when creating the form. Which can speed up the creation of forms and the launch of the application.


Implemented multiple photo selection mode for TfgPickerPhotoFactory.PickPhotosFromLibrary (Note: iOS requires version 14 and above)

Bug Fixes 🐛

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