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The distributive is available by request only.

Release date:

5 May 2020


~ Attention:

  - This release changes build system of FGX Native project, so user has to update android manifest template in FGX Native porjects.
    It can be done by two ways:
    1. If you haven't done manual changes in AndroidManifest.template.xml, than just delete this file. It will be created again in the first project build.
    2. If you did changes in AndroidManifest.template.xml, than you should merge them into manifest.

* Added support for the Google AdMob advertising platform (https://admob.google.com/home/):

  - Added new component TfgBannerAd for showing advertising banner in your app.
  - Added new component TfgInterstitialAd for showing full screen advertising, which is usually used as intermediate screen.
  - Turn on AdMob in your FGX Native project via project settings Application -> Entitlements List -> AdMob service = True.
  - Documentation (https://translate.yandex.ru/translate?url=http%3A%2F%2Ffgx-native.com%2Fru%2Fadmob.html&lang=ru-en)

* Assets designer:

  - Added a new wizard for searching and automatically adding icons from Google Material Design Icons Pack.
  - Select "Import icons"in the context menu of the resource tree to open the icon wizard.
  - Fixed small memory leaks.
  - Fixed bug with openning mask generation wizard.

* Using external Java libraries in Android FGX Native projects:

  - This version adds the ability to add third-party java libraries (jar) to FGX Native projects that are compiled and embedded in your app's apk package.
  - Use "FGX Android Libraries" wizard for adding jar libraries. 
  - There are two way for openning wizard:
    1. Via main menu: Project -> FGX Android Libraries
    2. Via context menu of "Projects" panel. Target Platforms -> Android (32/64 bits) -> Libraries -> Setup Android Libraries.
  - The Adding 3d party jar android libraries is important step for using Android services in FGX Native applications.

* TfgApplication:

  - Improved handling of exceptions that may occur in user applications. Now, if a Delphi exception occurs, it will be displayed in the dialog box. In addition, it will be displayed in the device log.

* TfgAssetManager:

  - Added new method helper TfgAssetManager.Remove for removing filtered assets by anonymous predicate.

* TfgCamera:

  - When getting a photo from a camera, an artificial limit of 1920 x 1080 was imposed on the size of the resulting photo. Fixed.

* TfgCollectionView:

  - #479 Bug of form inheritance with CollectionView

* Common improvements:

  - Standardized names of all events and callbacks: TfgXXXEvent, TfgXXXCallback.
  - All demo projects have been fully checked and updated (64 demo projects).
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