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The distributive is available by request only.

Release date:
7 May 2020


* IDE designer:

  - When user adds new form into project, it becomes main form. Fixed.

* Android manifest generation:

  - When IDE generates the Android manifest, permissions that are disabled in the inherited configuration were enabled in manifest.

* Assets designer:

  - Fixed a rare error saving resources in the asset designer. The error occurred in Windows when using Visual SourceSafe, which creates hidden,
    protected operating system files in folders with resources. As a result, such files cannot be deleted due to access rights limitations.

* TfgForm:

  - When using multiple forms as frames and embedding them in the same container, nested forms were not correctly aligned. Corrected.
  - #491 If CloseOnHardwareBack = false for nested forms and true for external forms, all nested forms are closed in turn

* Form designer:

  - Fixed an bug when opening the FGX Native project automatically when starting the IDE, with the environment option enabled "Save Project Desktop when closing"
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