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The distributive is available by request only.

Release date:
12 September 2022


Delphi 11 Update 2

Added support for Delphi 11 Update 2. Due to critical changes on the IDE side, FGX Native applications stopped being built due to integrity violations in the Deployment Manager. This release fixes this problem.

Android 12

The Android 12 support was added. For the correct publication of applications in the play store for Android 12, it is necessary to update the manifest of the Android application. If you have made manual edits to the Android app manifest template, make a copy of it before updating the manifest and then make your edits again. If for some reason the IDE did not offer to update the manifest, then you can do it manually. To do this, add the attribute android:exported="true" to the node activity.


The FlexBox layout system is a universal tool that offers a fairly large number of editable parameters, which are quite difficult to understand at first approximation. In this release, we have developed a visual FlexBox parameter editor for containers that visually displays different alignment modes. The editor is available at the TfgLayout.AlignmentChildren. It is enough to click on the "..." button at the value of the AlignmentChildren property of any container component.

Assets Designer

Completely redesigned assets designer, both inside and out. In this release, we have added new features and improved the old ones.

Automatic removal of "extra" assets. In the old version of the designer, when adding a color asset, 5 identical color assets were created for each type of device (Universal, Phone, NormalTablet, LargeTablet, ExtraLargeTablet). However, practice has shown that users use the same color on all devices. Therefore, the generation of identical colors is not advisable both from the point of view of duplication and from the point of view of the speed of loading the application and searching for assets. In this regard, the designer now automatically detects duplicates and removes them.

Image generation. Often an application starts to be created without a ready-made design. This, in turn, complicates the development of the layout, since often the customer visually evaluates the prototype and for this it is necessary to look for suitable graphic stub images for use in the UI so that the markup looks complete.

Now you can generate an image according to your parameters and use it when designing your application.

The brightness of the image. Improved image brightness detection algorithm. Therefore, the contrasting background color for the preview is now more correctly determined. Recall that if the icon /image uses white shades of colors (light), then a dark background is selected for the preview and vice versa.

Import images. Now you can drag the folder with images to the assets tree and import all the nested images.

Standardization of assets editing. Now all resources look the same in the designer, and all editing operations have been moved to the drop-down window that opens when you click on the preview of the asset.

Smart color display. If a color asset contains a known color code, the color name is displayed instead. When the mouse cursor hovers over the color preview, the ARGB color layout is displayed.

Preview display. Slightly increased the size of the preview of assets. Also, if the content of the asset is not loaded, then instead of the background of the chessboard, only a dotted frame is displayed. If the images are not loaded for all zoom factors, then the recommended size is displayed for such images, taking into account the base size.


When using a multiple-choice device in the photo picker, the process of extracting photos in your application could take a long time (depending on the number of images and their size). At the same time, the application hung up until the end of processing all the photos. In this release, we have added multithreaded image loading and accelerated their processing. At the same time, so that the user understands that the process can take a long time, we have added an anonymous function to be able to control the processing process.

    procedure(const AFileNames: TfgPhotoFiles)
    procedure(const AProgress: Single)

Updated the example "Components" -> "Pickers" -> "Getting a photo".


Added the upper and lower position of the icon relative to the text.

Improvements 🙌


The new methods were added:

  • TfgAssetsManager.Clone - makes copy of specified asset.
  • TfgAssetsManager.Rename - Allow to rename asset.
  • TfgAssetsManager.GetAssets - returns list of assets filtered by anonymous predicate function or event handler.

Helper methods for TAlphaColor

Three helper methods have been added:

  • Getting a string representation of a color
  • Color modulation
  • Constructor for creating TAhlpaColor based on TColor.

To use the methods, you need to connect FGX.Types.Color.

TFileName helper

Added helper method TfgFileNameHelper.Extension to get the file extension without '.' for type TFileName.

To use the methods, you need to connect FGX.Types.IO.

Bug Fixes 🐛

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