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The distributive is available by request only.

Release date:

9 May 2020


~ Loss of backward compatibility:

  - Assets: Renamed TfgBitmapInfo.BitmapSource -> Source.
  - Assets: Renamed TfgBitmapInfo.TfgBitmapSource -> TfgSource.
  - Assets: The public constructor is moved from TfgAsset to protected section. 
  - Assets: GetAssetsNames returns TArray<TfgAssetName>, not a TArray<string>
  - Assets: Now the method of theme name normalization is a part of record helper of TfgThemeName.

* Assets manager:

  - Dynamical saving operative memory:

    - Added a new method TfgAsset.ReleaseFromMemory. It is responsible for unloading from memory,
      heavy data associated with the resource. For example, if you no longer use an image resource,
      then this method will allow you to unload the bitmap from memory, thereby freeing up RAM for the system.
    - Now the Assets Manager can automatically unload resources from memory that are no longer used.
      This is the responsibility of setting TfgAssetsManager.AutoreleaseOptions.Enabled, which is disabled by default.
    - If you want to prevent a asset from being unloaded from memory, you can do this via the new OnShouldReleaseFromMemoryEvent event.
    - Now the asset takes into account the number of active clients - those who directly use the resource. 
      All components automatically work in the "Acquire-Release" resource paradigm via the new TfgAsset.Acquire and TfgAsset.Release methods.
    - For dynamically added graphics assets in the runtime provided for the discharge of such resources on disk. 
      This is the responsibility of the following settings: TfgAssetsManager.AutoreleaseOptions.DumpTarget.
    - Added new demo sample: "Assets" -> "Images" -> "Releasing image from memory"

  - Fixed memory leaks, which may have occurred when the BitmapSet resource was physically deleted.
  - Added more xml-documentations.
  - General improvements in internal implementation that are not visible to the eye.

* New project wizard:

  - Added page for selecting a template for the new project. Two templates are currently available. Further the list will be expanded..

* TfgPageControl:

  - Added a new method TfgPageControl.GoToPage for animated tab selection based on the index.
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