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The distributive is available by request only.

Release date:

13 June 2020


* TfgCamera:

  - Fixed random crashes of the camera.
  - Significantly accelerated camera performance with TfgCameraPreview.
  - Camera Architecture is improved.
  - Now you can get the camera characteristics: the rotation angle of the camera sensor and the list of supported resolutions for the buffer of the specified format.
  - More diagnostics log for future issue investigations.

* TfgCameraPreview:

  - TfgCameraPreview is container now, and developers can put into other controls.
  - Fixed problem with incorrect aspect ratio of preview.
  - Significantly accelerated the performance of preview.
  - #456 [Suggestion] Add ImageMode for TfgCameraPreview.
    New property DisplayMode is added.

* TfgBarcodeScanner:

  - Significantly improved the implementation of the scanner. On some Android devices, API-guaranteed buffer parameters were not actually supported on Android.
    Especially for such cases, the scanner now supports 3 additional buffer formats (YV12, NV16, NV 21) + 1 customized one (YUV_420_888), 
    this should negate all cases when the scanner does not work on users devices.
  - #478 BarcodeScanner doesn't work on honor 20 pro

* TfgMap:

  - Added a new event TfgMap.OnCameraChanged that is called when the camera movement ends.
  - Added new methods for coordinate conversions (Geographic coordinates and local control coordinates) TfgMap.CoordinateToPosition, TfgMap.PositionToCoordinate.
  - TfgMap.onTouch is implemented.

* TfgEdit:

  - Added new property TfgEdit.BorderStyle for disable control decoration.

* TfgMemo:

  - Added new property TfgMemo.BorderStyle for disable control decoration.
* TfgCheckBox:

  - #495 [TfgCollectionView] [TfgCheckBox] When you select a checkbox, the color of another checkbox is changed.

* Android Api:

  - Slightly expanded headers for the Android Api.

* Localization:

  - Translated the drop-down window of the object inspector that helps you select the asset name.
  - Translated a message about closing the assets designer.

* Java libraries manager:

  - Custom Android libraries are now stored with relative paths.

* Java services manager:

  - Android services information are now stored with relative paths. Now designer will try to use relative paths instead of absolute.

* Assets. Dynamic memory savings:

  - Sometimes The usage of TfgImage.DefaultImageName with TfgImage.ImageName could lead to double  counting asset,
    so it didn't allow asset to be unloaded from memory. Fixed

* Demo projects проекты:

  - "Components" -> "TfgCamera" -> "Camera". Demo appearance is refreshed also dynamic interface adaptation for different device orientation is added.
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