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Yaroslav Brovin

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The distributive is available by request only.

Release date:
18 January 2023


Firebase Push-notifications for iOS

The Firebase implementation was added for Push-notificatino service. In case if you are using Firebase (FCM), iOS returns Firebase device token instead of APNS. So additional token conversion is not required.

Supporting Android Libraries

Now you can easilier add any Android library only by full qualified name, without having to search for JAR/AAR files and all dependencies. To do this, use the Library management manager available from the main menu "'Project -> Android FGX Libraries". 

Improvements 🙌

Android API USB

The new Android API header was added for working with USB: Android.Api.Hardware.USB.

Bug Fixes 🐛

  • Building apps for Android in Application Store mode could fail if the password contained some illegal characters (Android).
  • If at least two services were used in the project: Push notifications, advertising or in-app purchases, then the application crashed at startup (Android).
  • The displaying of FlexBox designer for AlignmentChildren property was improved for HiDPI screens.
  • The demo sample was fixed: "Android API -> AlarmManager".
  • In case of usage TfgPushNotificationService component with ServiceName <> default, Android application could crashed on stratup (Android).
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