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The distributive is available by request only.

Release date:
15 February 2023



Added full support for Delphi frames.


Added support for using third-party tiles in the TfgMap map, including Open Street Maps (OSM) tiles. To add tiles to maps, it is enough to throw the component TfgOSMMapTileProvider (when using OSM tiles) or TfgEventMapTileProvider (when adding your tiles) on the form and bind it to the map via the new property TfgMap.TileProvide.

Firebase Analytics

The new component TfgFirebaseAnalytics was added for collecting usage analytics of your application.

This component allows you to collect information about the use of your application by users. For example, you can define:

  • Which form users open most often.
  • Which versions of your application are running successfully.
  • How many users launched the app for the first time.
  • What purchases are most often made in your app.
  • Which components are most often interacted with.
  • And much more.

Useful information:


Two new events OnActivated and OnDeactivated were added to detect when a form comes to the foreground and leaves the foreground on the screen.

Dark Theme

Added the ability to track the switching of the system theme using the new event TfgForm.OnSystemAppearanceChanged. The event is triggered when the operating system changes its appearance and it is indicated that the FGX Native application supports a dark theme.

If you would like to use dark theme in your FGX Native application, you have to do:

  • iOS: change value of property UIUserInterfaceStyle on Automatic for all iOS project configurations in "Project -> Options... -> Version Info".
  • Android: change base theme of application in "styles.xml" file from "Theme.AppCompat.Light" to "Theme.MaterialComponents.DayNight".

Look at the updated sample for understanding, how to implement automatic switching theme based on OS theme: "Resources" -> "Themes" -> "Using multiple themes".

In addition, you can request the operating system appearance parameters at any time via FGX.SystemInfo.TfgSystemInfo.Appearance.

New components icons

New icons were added for TfgMap, TfgLottieImage, TfgCamera, TfgCameraPreview, TfgBarcode, TfgBarcodeScanner, TfgVideoControl, TfgCollectionView, TfgListMenu.

Improvements 🙌

Form designer

Added the ability to change only the width or only the height of the form/frames in the form designer.


Now the component returns the type of the recognized barcode via the TfgBarcode.Format.

Java-Delphi bridge

Added thread safety when using Java types in different threads for the first time at the same time.

Bug Fixes 🐛

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