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Yaroslav Brovin

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The distributive is available by request only.

Release date:
22 March 2023

Improvements 🙌


  • The new InvertedDataMatrix format was added for Android.
  • The Codabar format was added for iOS.


The gradle version was updated up to 8.0. Now you can use the latest Java JDK version (Java 19).


The new method SnapshotAsync was added for taking map snapshot asynchronously.

fgMap1.SnapshotAsync(procedure (const ASnapshot: TfgBitmap)
  TfgAssetsManager.Current.AddBitmap('screenshot', ASnapshot);

Dialog demo samples

  • Added search for examples by name/components/description.
  • Scrolling the list of examples by the mouse wheel (Delphi 11.3).
  • Opening an example by double clicking.
  • Added the ability to open the example folder in Explorer.

Android Headers

The new headers Android.Api.Location was added for "android.location" package.


Bug Fixes 🐛

  • When using frames, it is not possible to build the application.
  • Suppress the unsupported framework message when adding a new form and frames for Delphi 11.3.
  • FGX Native designer couldn't be loaded in RAD Studio 10.4.
  • The rendering TfgPageControl component border was added to IDE.
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