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The distributive is available by request only.

Release date:
16 October 2023

Improvements 🙌


The supporting of TNotificationCenter RTL component was added. Now you can use this component in FGX Native applications.

  • The new demo sample was added: "Services" -> "Local notifications"


New helpers methods were added for TfgAssetsManager. To use helpers methods, you need to add FGX.Assets.Helpers to uses section.

GetColor - returns color from asset with name AName. If there are no asset, it returns ADefault color.

  FGX.Assets, FGX.Assets.Helpers;
  Color: TAlphaColor;

Color := TfgAssetsManager.Current.GetColor('Asset name 1', TAlphaColorRec.Red);
Color := TfgAssetsManager.Current.GetColor('Asset name 2');

TryGetBitmap - returns bitmap from asset with name `AName`. If there are no asset or it's empty, than returns `False`.

  FGX.Assets, FGX.Assets.Helpers, FGX.Canvas;
  Bitmap: TfgBitmap;

if TfgAssetsManager.Current.TryGetBitmap('Bitmap set asset name', Bitmap) then
  // work with Bitmap

RTL System Permissions 

The supporting of System.Permissions was added. Now you can use not only our service FGX.Permissions, but RTL version.

Demo samples

The part of demo samples were reorganazied. Now all samples related to using services, are located in "Services" category.

Bug Fixes 🐛

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