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The distributive is available by request only.

Release date:
20 December 2023

Improvements 🙌


Now you can specify font settings via new property Font. The appearance of component in designer was improved for iOS.

The new demo sample was added: "Components" -> "TfgVirtualListPicker".

Barcode scanner TfgBarcodeScanner

The support for defining the boundaries of recognized barcodes was improved. Now the TfgBarcode structure additionally includes the size of the BufferSize buffer on which barcode recognition was performed.

Different camera sensors use different frame buffer sizes. In this case, there was not enough information to correctly display the barcode borders. Additionally, the rotation angle of the camera's physical sensor is now taken into account when recognizing barcode boundaries.

The new demo sample of usage TfgBarcodeScanner was added: "Components" -> "TfgBarcodeScanner" -> "Barcode Scanner with bounds".


Now you can find out whether the current system locale uses the 24-hour time format or not. You can find out about this using the method: FGX.SystemInfo.TfgSystemInfo.Locale.Is24HourFormat.


New 3 methods were added for quick start / stop and restart timer.

Android API

New Android headers were added for Bluethooth (Android.Api.Hardware.Bluetooth) and Sensors (Android.Api.Hardware.Sensors). The new classes were added for working with WiFi adapter (Android). 

General settings

The new page for FGX Native settings was added to Tools -> Options -> Third Party -> FGX Native.

Added the ability to specify the path for storing temporary folders ".android-build".

Bug Fixes 🐛

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