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Release date:
31 January 2024

Warning 🚨

If you use TfgYandexMobileAdsProvider component, then you need to update the dependency version in the list of Android libraries com.yandex.android:mobileads:5.7.0 -> com.yandex.android:mobileads:6.3.0.

Improvements 🙌

Yandex Mobile Ads

The support of used Yandex Mobile Ads library was added "5.7.0" -> "6.3.0". If you are using ads from the Yandex platform, namely the TfgYandexMobileAdsProvider component, then you need to update the dependency in the list of Android libraries.
To do this, remove the old dependency com.yandex.android:mobileads:5.7.0 and replace it with the new com.yandex.android:mobileads:6.3.0 in the library settings "Project" -> "FGX Native Android Libraries".


Now TfgComboBox is supporting icons in items. To do this, a new item class TfgComboBoxTextIconItem has been added. You can add a new item type via the context menu TfgComboBox. The icon is specified via the TfgComboBoxTextIconItem.IconName property. Using TfgComboBox.Appearance.Icon property you can adjust its size and shade.

The appearance of component was update in IDE for Android style. Now it doesn't show underline. The right padding was reduced on Android, so now controls has more space for showing text in content.


The new property TfgBottomSheet.RelatedOffset was added. It allows to request current position of sheet. The value is in [-1..1] range, where 1 - the panel is expanded, 0 - the pannel is collapsed to showing header, -1 - the is hidden.


The animations templates TfgAnimationHelper.ShowForm/HideForm/ShowModalForm/HideModalForm were adopted for usage with any TfgControl.

Bug Fixes 🐛

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