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The distributive is available by request only.

Release date:

23 July 2020


* New phone dialer services is developed FGX.PhoneDialer:

  - Before calling, you must request the 'android.permission.CALL_PHONE' permission via TfgPermissionService.
  - If you would like to make a call, just invoke TfgPhoneDialer.Call('Phone number').
  - New demo sample is added: "System services" -> "Phone call"

* New types of TfgDialogs were implemented:

  - TfgDialogs.InputBox is for inputting one text value.
  - TfgDialogs.InputQuery is for inputting several text values.

* Java-Delphi bridge:

  - New methods for string conversions were added String <-> JUri (JUriToString, StringToJUri).
  - Fixed a memory leak when using Java listeners that could cause the application to crash when closing in certain situations.

* TfgCamera:

  - Fixed issue with taking photo on some android devices.
  - [Demo] CameraPhotoDemo cannot take photo

* TfgEdit:

  - Displaying Color value in Object Inspector is fixed, now it shows name of default theme asset.

* TfgDateEdit, TfgTimeEdit:

  - Fixed the margins of the date selection button in the designer. Now the component looks the same in the designer as it does on the device.

* TfgListMenu:

  - Fixed a bug using TfgListMenu on 10.4 that caused the app to crash.

* TfgPageControl:

  - PageControl Swipe does not work if..

* Assets manager:

  - Deleting the assets Manager is now safer. If the user forgot to delete forms instances when closing the app, this may cause problems deleting the FGX Native platform. Now, in this situation, it will print a message about this in the log.

* New demo samples:

  - "Android Api" -> "Share service"
  - "System services" -> "Phone call"
* System permissions service:

  - The new method TfgPermissionService.CheckPermissionOrRaise was added and designed to check the class invariant.
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