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Yaroslav Brovin

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The distributive is available by request only.

Release date:

22 August 2020


* TfgDrawerLayout:

  - The component doesn't let reset ToggleControl property value in runtime.
  - The Enabled property is implemented and published in designer.

* TfgDialogs:

  - For flexible customization and the ability to reuse the dialog, CreateDialog method has been added, which returns a TfgDialog instance.
  - Changed the algorithm for translating TMsgDlgButtons into dialog buttons for MessageDialog method. Now the buttons are filled on a leftover basis, taking into account prioritization.

* Shapes:  

  - For TfgArc and TfgArch, some properties set in the designer were not saved.

* TfgCollectionView:

  - New methods for data changes notifications were added: NotifyItemsInserted, NotifyItemsRemoved, NotifyItemMoved.
    These methods helps to avoid full reloading data and shows with animation processed data changes.
  - Fixed small blink of items layout in the first rendering.

* TfgCamera:

  - Fixed a potential memory shortage error when using the camera on devices with limited RAM.
* Android Api:

  - PendingIntent

* Demo samples:

  - "Android Api" -> "Local notifications"
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