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Yaroslav Brovin

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The distributive is available by request only.

Release date:

16 November 2020


  • Now TfgImage supports applying tint color on component level. It has new properties TintColor and TintColorName.
  • The TfgWebBrowser full implementation was added for iOS.
  • New headers for iOS WebKit were added.

Improvements ?

  • All headers for android.webkit were added.
  • We have added new logger level TfgLogLevel.Trace. It is intended for logging diagnostics messages of library. Messages of this level are not included in the log by default. To enable displaying messages in the Trace log, change TfgLog.MinimumLevel = TfgLogLevel.Trace. All debug messages from the Debug level library are removed from the system log by default. If you need to perform diagnostics of components or the platform as a whole, you need to change TfgLog.MinimumLevel = TfgLogLevel.Trace. This change is intended to simplify the search in the logs of developer messages, while leaving the possibility for full debugging and error detection in your application.
  • Now you can disable automatic showing "Release Notes" window, if new release is installed. You can do it in this window.
  • We redesigned logging Changelog, updated showing in Release Notes, added formatting, links and etc.
  • We fixed several memory leaks in esigner.

Bug Fixes ?

  • It was not possible to change the color of TfgCollectionView selection
  • When entering text in the input field in runtime, the value of the TfgEdit.Text property was not updated for iOS.
  • When TfgScrollBox was added on form, it lead to crash of iOS application on startup.
  • The execution Javascript in TfgWebBrowser lead to application crash, if the application was built on IDE 10.4.
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