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The distributive is available by request only.

Release date:

29 December 2020

Loss of backward compatibility ūüö®

Changed the processing logic for HardwareBack button when TfgForm.CloseOnHardwareBack option is enabled:

  • Clicking the button now processes only the active form, and not all forms, as before.
  • Instead of TfgForm.Hide¬†now called TfgForm.Close.
  • If the button click was on the main form and CloseAction¬†is equal to Hide, then the application goes into the background.¬†

New ‚ú®

  • The new property TfgVirtualKeyboard.IsKeyboardShown¬†was added for indicating whether the virtual keyboard is currently open.
  • Added a new TfgForm.Close¬†method to hide or destroy the form. The decision on action with the form is made based on the TfgForm.DefaultCloseAction¬†property or in the TfgForm.OnClose¬†event.

Improvements ūüôĆ

  • Now, using TfgAutoreleasePool, you can lazy destroy objects and interfaces that were not previously placed in the internal storage list.
  • For iOS controls added the ability to manage focus (SetFocus, ResetFocus, IsFocused).
  • Properties ContentPadding, IconName, BorderStyle, SelectAllOnFocus, OnReturnKeyPressed, OnEnter, OnExit¬†and all selection methods were implemented for TfgEdit¬†in iOS.
  • Events OnEnter¬†and OnExit¬†were implemented for TfgMemo¬†in iOS.
  • Events TfgNavigationBar.OnActionButtonTap¬†and TfgNavigationBarButton.OnTap¬†were implemented for iOS.

Bug Fixes ūüźõ

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