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Yaroslav Brovin

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The distributive is available by request only.

Release date:

18 April 2021

Important notes 🚨

We removed value TfgSystemStatusBarVisibility.VisibleAndPush from TfgForm.SystemStatusBar.Visibility. If you use this value in forms, then re-open these forms in the IDE and ignore the absence of this value.


Supporting the iOS style in the IDE

We added supporting the iOS style in the form designer. The switcher is placed on the toolbar of Form Designer on the right side of device class combobox. The switcher is shown only for "Universal" device class. 

The iOS style supports only half of all controls at this moment, the supporting of remaining controls will be added later in the next releases.


  • The TfgForm.SystemStatusBar property is implemented for iOS (iOS).
  • The value TfgSystemStatusBarVisibility.VisibleAndPush was removed.
  • New iOS API headers were added: PhotoKit и ImageIO.

Improvements 🙌

Form designer

We improved the work of the form designer by revising the logic of changing the size of the form. Previously, the resizable size included a decorative element "system navigation bar", which could be misleading as to what the actual size is set to the form. Now, when you change the size of the form, it is displayed exactly its size without taking into account the decorative elements.


  • In older projects, some of the paths for the iOS app icons were not relevant. Therefore, the launch of FGX Native demo projects could end in failure. Now, when you open any old project, the settings are automatically migrated, taking into account the updated icon paths to the current ones.
  • All demo samples were updated for supporting in the latest FGX Native version.

Bug Fixes 🐛

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