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The distributive is available by request only.

Release date:

18 May 2021

Important notes 🚨

The auxiliary animation types were moved from FGX.Animation -> FGX.Animation.Types. If your project is not going to build due to the lack of these types, connect the FGX.Animation module.Types.



Added basic animation implementation.

New demo sample was added: "Animation" -> "Animation templates".
Description and details are avaiable here.

Taking photo from Camera or Gallery

Now you can take photo from camera or system gallery. Use on of the FGX.Pickers.Photo.TfgPickerPhotoFactory methods.

  • New demo sample was added: "Components" -> "Pickers" -> "Taking photo".
  • Description and details are avaiable here.

Localization component

In this version, we deliver a separate bpl-package with the localization component TfgTranslator, which we ourselves have been successfully using in the implementation of the FGX Native designer for a long time. However, we do not recommend using it in mobile applications, since all dictionaries with translations are always loaded when creating a form, and since we have a vision of how translation should be performed in mobile applications. Despite this, it is a working solution that can help you with localization of your projects. We deliver this component according to the "as-is" rule, that is, there are no guarantees on our part about its operation.

  • Description and details are avaiable here.


  • TfgDialog.InputQuery and TfgDialog.InputBox were implemented (iOS).
  • New Android API methods were aded for working with "Drag&Drop" (Android).

Bug Fixes 🐛

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