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[TfgCollectionView] How to filter TfgCollectionView by value in TfgSearchEdit?


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Hi All,
I'm trying to use a tfgSearchEdit with a tfgCollectionView.
I'm searching the better way to set the focus to the CollectionViewitem that match my search value.

There is a demo that explain this management ?
I've seen that i can fill the SearchEdit.Suggestions with the CollectionViewItems field otherwise i can do a binarysearch in the Tlist<> that is linked to the CollectionView but i've to sort the list.

Can you suggest a best practise for that ?
Thanks a lot,


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Hello Luke,

TfgSearchEdit doesn't depend on other controls. It just provide text input field with autocomplete functionality. And it supports 2 ways for getting autocomplete values:

  1. Static. Manual setting of values via Suggestions property. For small values list.
  2. Dynamic. You fill suggestions list in OnChanging event.

The CollectionView filtering method is fully provided to you. For example:

  1. You can filter your collection view model data (related TList, model, DAO and etc) and invoke ReloadItems.
  2. Also if you provide unique item's id via OnGetItemID, collection view will animate refreshing items. So user will see which items are disappeared.

Thank you

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