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  1. I receive this message when click that link: У вас нет прав на просмотр этого контента.
  2. Hi, I have tried the examples that come with the trial installation, showing different aspects of this excellent library. Is there an example of a complete program available? I mean, for example, those that can be seen in the demo videos, by example this (minute 35), thanks
  3. Hello, I have downloaded trial version, and tried some examples, congratulations for the work! I think that to launch an international version the most important thing is the translation of the IDE (wizards, assets manager, etc). For me, translating the documentation, or comments on the code is less important because I can use Google or other tools for that job. If you have documentation of the components on your website, we can translate it and perfectly understand how it works. Therefore I think that could be the minimum to put an international version on sale: only IDE.
  4. I'm in the same situation, expecting for it. Tell us if we can do something to acelerate the process.
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