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  1. Maybe this is a good starting point: https://github.com/EtheaDev/SVGIconImageList
  2. Note that there is a video from Yaroslav explaining about GUI tool with Android Studio.
  3. Many thanks Yaroslav for check this, now it works (and learned a new thing).?
  4. By the moment I can wait, so I don't need an inmediatly hotfix, so for me is not urgent, maybe wait and check other things.
  5. Hello the error raise in this line from th Select procedure (I notice that this method is called twice when I click a menu option, maybe some check to avoid it could be interesting): procedure TfgListMenuSelectionController.Select(const AItemIndex: Integer); var Item: TfgListMenuItem; begin TfgAssert.IsNotNil(FSelection, 'FSelection'); TfgAssert.IsNotNil(FListMenu, 'FListMenu'); TfgAssert.InRange(AItemIndex, 0, FListMenu.Items.Count - 1); <-- HERE ERROR IS RAISED ¡ if Mode = TfgListMenuSelectionMode.None then Exit; BeginUpdate; try Item := FListMenu.Items.ByInde
  6. Hello Yaroslav, I've done a small program with the same code to generate the menu options and it works, but the original continues with the same issue. This is the log, I don't know it it will help you : 2020-08-10 14:07:49.542 2003-2003/mpl.kt.keeptrack D/debug: [FlexBox]: recalculated Layout: name="mainDrawer", class="TfgDrawer", duration="2 msec" 2020-08-10 14:07:49.546 2003-2003/mpl.kt.keeptrack E/error: The current value [6] is not in range [0, 2]. 2020-08-10 14:07:49.628 2003-2003/mpl.kt.keeptrack E/error: The current value [6] is not in range [0, 2]. 2020-08-10 14:07:49.62
  7. Hello Yaroslav, I've download the version and it seems the problem persists, here is the code I use to create the menu options: procedure TFormMain.LoadMenus; var MenuItem: TfgListMenuItem; begin fgMainMenu.BeginUpdate; fgMainMenu.Index:= 0; //added this trying to fix the problem fgMainMenu.Items.ClearAndResetID; if TConfig.Loged then begin MenuItem:= fgMainMenu.Items.Add as TfgListMenuItem; MenuItem.Title:= 'Entradas'; MenuItem.Style:= TfgMenuItemStyle.PrimaryItem; MenuItem.IconName:= R.Bitmap.ENTRA; MenuItem.OnTap:= MenuEntra; MenuItem:= fgMainMenu.Item
  8. Hello, I've two app options that change the menu items displayed on TfgListMenu, and I clear the list when app option change and create - add (3 or 6 menuitems), when I do the change from 6 to 2 I get this error message: "The current value [5] is not in range [0,2]", I imagine that is something related to item selected, but I don't know how to fix it, thanks.
  9. I run the Map demo project some weeks ago and I see the gray background, I though it should be some complicated to fix, so I don't continue checking that demo, now following the reference Embarcadero page, the demo run ok. Thanks.
  10. Apart from Claudio's comments about not finding the bpl, if the version is available for Delphi 10.4, it only shows me Delphi 10.3 in the installation wizard. A greeting
  11. Hello Yaroslav it seems you put the rus release here.
  12. Hello just downloaded new version , and the same behaivor with this device Xiaomi 8A and demo, giver permisions, press button --> animator cursor begin and never ends.
  13. Hello Claudio, I have followed the talk and my congratulations because it has been very didactic and informative, I have been with the FGX native for just over a week and I have discovered interesting new things today. I see that the name of your device is MEMOR 10. Is this the Datalogic device? How about integration with barcode reader, RFID, printers etc? any experience with it?.
  14. Thanks for sharing, I have signed up for the conference, in my case I think it will be easier to understand Italian than Russian!
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